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GAH! Games that Made Us RAGE QUIT!

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Final Fantasy VIII was one I "rage quit" and never went back to. There's a sequence about midway through the game where you have to run around in some factory or power plant and diffuse bombs before a timer runs out. I tried it about 5 times, and couldn't get through it. That game got yanked and put back in the case, never to be played again.


That said, how about a case of "Rage WINNING"?


My cousin and I were playing the game Steel Empire for the Genesis, and were trying to beat the game. When we sat down to play it, it was just after breakfast. Lunch came and went, and we found ourselves at dusk nearing the final boss after having to start over countless times. FINALLY, we beat it.


Our reward?


A picture of the earth from the moon, some credits, and the word END. That's it. No cool animations, no story, no nothing.




He grabbed that cart from his Model 2 Genesis and hucked it against the wall, yelling "I WASTED ALL DAY FOR "END"????? AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!"


To be clear...


1) I love the game Steel Empire and have it in my personal collection (the copy we played on was his)


2) He was just a little "uneven" in the head sometimes


But yeah, this is the same kid who gave me a scar after cutting me when kicking me WITH HIS TOENAIL after he couldn't beat me (playing as Ken) with every other character (including Ken) in a handicapped versus match in Super Street Fighter II on the Genesis. :-o Playing games at his house were dangerous!

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