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Phono jack from RF Modulator Detached

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Hi There,


I pulled out my Intellivision to get to the games below it and the RF cord came out. When I went to put it back in, I found that it took the phono jack with it, as seen in the attached photo. This was very surprising because the picture/sound had been great and so I didn't have any reason to suspect things were in this condition. I would like to request some guidance... is this an easy fix? Am I looking at some soldering or an outright part replacement? If it is soldering, can anyone who has done this fix provide some additional guidance?


Thank you for your time,




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Looks like it really got yanked - enough to crack the plastic around the RF connector. Might be some damage internally as well, hard to tell from that one picture though.


If you've never taken apart an Intellivision, it's not terribly difficult, but the metal shielding around the board can be a pain to remove.


If you're not up for doing the repair yourself, send me a PM and I might be up for doing it for you.



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