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I simply copied the TIFile to the DSk file and that worked. Even though when I open the DSK file called BLOCKS.DSK with the TIFILE BLOCKS copied to it, it shows up as BLOCKS.DSK so it looks like BLOCKS.DSK is a file on BLOCKS.DSK, but when I mount it as DSK1 via TI99DIR and load up TurboForth, it works!

When i opened up my original BLOCKS.DSK file to see what was on it (one I created from scratch within forth) i saw anothe BLOCK.DSK file in there so i decided to try this new approach.




I have a TI file (Thanks Willsy) for Turboforth called BLOCKS.
I want to load it on to my nanopeb CF card as a DSK file.


Using TI99DIR - I created a blank dsk but everytime i attempt to copy a file to it I get a "Disk is full" error.

I've attempted different formats even the 1600 special format for the CF7.

I don't recall having this issue in the past (copying files back and forth in TI99DIR. so I'm kind of at a loss.

I attempted to use TIImageTool but it cannot open the TIFile or the special formatted DSK file.


I can create and use my own black block file using instructions Willsy provided but I'd like to start using forth with his environment since it's full of utils and demos.
I'd rather not use it in emulation since I can't seem to get his TIFiles into DSK format and that would mean everything I do would be stuck in emulation.

Is there a utility to convert tifiles in to dsk files that will work on the nano?

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Just use an empty DSK-file (V9T9 = 90/180/360KB = see below) and copy the wanted TIFILES with TI99DIR (v6.2a) into it.

Then use the DSK2CF.exe-tool (from a DOS-windows in windows) to copy this DSK-file as a volume to the CF-Card.

Command: DSK2CF.EXE MyDSKbla.DSK 3

(3 as an example to copy it to volume #3 on the CF-card)


It gets converted then automatically (400KB)



Here some emtpy V9T9-files:



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I also have programmed a small Dos-Batch to copy FROM and TO the CF-card,

including a full backup-function. This batch just has to be placed in the CF2K subdirectoy,

where the DSK2CF.exe and the CF2DSK.exe exists-

It also has the function, when reading/backup from CF to PC, to read the Disk-Labels

from inside the CF-volumes and use that (next to a nice enumerating from the volume-position)

to give a stringent name to the DSK-file.

But not to confuse you, just use the 2 EXE-files manually first

more later, if that works. (Or watchout for the thread here on AA)

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Thank you Schmitzi, I had a severe brain fart in thinking the TIfile was a DSK file in another format. After i got it working I realized my mistake.

Then my cartridge died. But that's a topic for another post.

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For completeness' sake, in TIImageTool you can


a) create a new DSK image by "File" -> "New" -> "Floppy image"; then open your file explorer and drag and drop the TIFILES file into the opened DSK image in TIImageTool.

b) if you have a CF7 image, do "File"->"Open", select the desired volume, then drag and drop into that volume.


Since the CF7 actually does not consist of floppy images, even though this is sometimes suggested by the dsk2cf / cf2dsk tools, TIImageTool does not allow for copying a DSK into a CF7, but you can always select all files from that DSK and copy/paste them into the CF7 volume.

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