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Online Atari sale ... didn't go as planned.

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Unlike the other guy I believe you. If you were shaking violently enough trying to get all the water out, just depends on how hard you shook the thing. If you do clean another one in the future instead of shaking it, use compressed air to get the water out. I do that and then put them in an oven. I use the keep warm setting on mine and it doesn't get too hot on that setting I also have the elements blocked by pan so when it cycles back on nothing can get damaged. Been doing it that years no ill effects.


Oh yes, i gave it several hard shakes to get the water off then a visit to the over on a low temp, it works perfectly now. Later I add AV output to it and looks great on a big LCD TV. I want to get a 7800 and a Vader yet,, so believe me, I'll be more careful when cleaning them if and what I get them...

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