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Draker Quest II - Complete

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I've added an inventory screen with password save. It's a simple three letter password in which will be given to the player when he/she completes a world. For instance, get four crystals in world one, then get a password by talking to the Password Draker found in each world.





There are four crystals in world one, three in world two, four in world three and four in world four. (BTW, the password above is NOT the password for obtaining all the crystals in the game.) The two apple-like objects are called Megafruits. They increase your HP. The first one increases your HP to 199, and the second to 299. The blue ball or dot means your fireball is now an iceball. You can kill certain enemies with it.




What the password won't save? Save points used to trade for goods, etc. I'd figure, the shorter the password, the better.


I also added several optional temples and a bonus cave with treasure and "artifacts" in which tells of an interesting technical past of ancient drakers.






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It's been a while but after vigorous testing, with special thanks to Walter (Gambler 172), I'm about to release Draker Quest II on cartridge.  To reiterate, you must guide your little friend, a little blue draker, that needs to save his friends turned into crystals in large temples, all the while you'll use your fireball to shoot at enemies.  This time, each world (there are four of them in total) has a little less linear approach to which temples you can visit first.  But you'll need to visit them all in order to save the drakers from their crystal prisons.  


At first you'll start with 99 Hit Points but you can expand that to 299 if you can find Mega-Fruits.  There is also a blue iceball which will kill certain enemies that the fireball won't.


Because this game is so big, I've added a four letter password system (instead of the three mentioned above) whenever you complete a world.  In other words, collect all the crystals in that world.   You will need to find the password draker in every draker cave; there's one found in each world.   You'll need to see him each time BEFORE moving onto the next world.  The password saves the number of crystals you've collected, any mega-fruits and if you have the iceball.   The only thing it will NOT save is your Draker Points which is similar to money.   Killing enemies and finding treasure will increase your Draker Points.  Also beware that every time the game ends from dying, you'll lose all your Draker Points. 








Desert World




Forest World




Forest World Temple



Swamp World Draker Cave





Swamp World




Password Screen




Inside a Temple




I've already made a small batch of cartridges but I'll be getting more MC boards from CPUWIZ.  Here's a pic of the finished product with a little friend*  for posing.






*Toy draker not included.  

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Please let me know if any others are interested.  I did have this game tested through the ass so there shouldn't be any major problems.

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Sorry man, so much crap going on, I have all your boards ready.  But I am still needing to do the PLD's and I am sitting on 2 packages, I've meant to send for weeks.  Rest assured, you will have them.

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On 8/14/2019 at 4:16 AM, FroggoGamer said:

I'll order one once it is available. I might have to buy a copy of the first one again

It is available 😁

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