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XF551 compatible 3 1/2" and 5 1/4 " drive mechs

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Can I get help in collecting a list of compatible drive mechs?


I know the part # of the original Mitsumi drive (D305V), but what was the part # of the Chinon drive?

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The 3.5" mech that I use is a Sony MPF920 high density drive. The drive select must be set at 0 (default is 1) so the jumper from DS1 was moved to DS0. Also, the density switch was closed with a jumper to force it to use 720k even with 1.44mb disks. 720k disks work perfectly. I've had some issues with 1.44mb disks if they have been previously formatted at 1.44mb on a PC, but if the disk is new and formatted at 720k on the Atari then they work fine.


Older drives have jumpers or dip switches on the back to change the DS#. I have an ALPS drive and could never find DS# anywhere on the PCB, so I gave up on it. I found the Sony when disposing of an old 486 pc at work a few years ago.





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Did you have to use a different data cable? Isn't the 3 1/2" drives using a normal IDC 34 pin connector?

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That is exactly the information I was digging up for another thread... good Job drop check! last update to the site was 2016 for security certificates etc etc....

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I have an unverified list of drives that I saved way

back there. But in those times there were often wrong

data in such lists, I saved them anyway. Anything from

1.2 meg drives being 360k drives and worse - you are

on your own here. The site source has disappeared, but

this one was the largest I happened across and maybe

the only reason I saved it.


Just my opinion but I believe any 3.5 can be made to

work, just have to set it's jumper to drive zero.

And all 360k 5.25 drives should work also.



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