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New Atari Console that Ataribox?

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3 hours ago, D Train said:

Is vector asteroids atari, atari games, or atari SA?


I like the vector asteroids shirt and was thinking about getting one (I like to take my fashion cues from ZPH).


In theory, as a coin-op, is that still be in play?


so confusing!

What Flojomojo said in his post (not the one I'll be quoting here below) :P 

3 hours ago, Flojomojo said:

Talk about a stretch (this is Fred Chesnais, the rooster taking credit for the sun coming up):


I can think of at least one other observable difference between then and now.


Sounds like Fred has never heard of an arcade game as he tries to define what Atari games are.


And "more and more popular?" *Snort* Is that why every reboot the company has attempted to do over the past decade (Haunted House x3, Yars Revenge, Star Raiders, Asteroids, Night Driver) have been badly reviewed flops?


"Popular" at Atari:



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4 hours ago, PlaysWithWolves said:

Also, for a company who claims they don't credit nostalgia with their resurgence and are making an "un-console', they sure like their nostalgia and old Atari consoles.



I was going to do a "Flojo" and break down Fred's replies, but I don't think I could do him any justice.  Hence, I'll just post my thoughts ....




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7 hours ago, Flojomojo said:

Only kinda confusing. I think we talked about this very topic more than once in this thread already! Short version:


1. Everything up to 1984, plus home consoles and computers: Atari Corp, which is what Atari SA holds today.



oh, duh, OF COURSE.


Honestly, between all the tacos, it's hard for me to keep track of this stuff.



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