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Thoughts on a Tengen Ms. Pac-Man (NES) Tourney?

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So I've got some interest starting a Ms. Pac-Man tourney using the Tengen NES version because it has a 2 player simultaneous mode.


Here are the preliminary rules:


4 out of 7

2 player competitive mode.

Pac Booster off

Map: Mini (the scrolling on the Standard map makes the 2 player mode kind of wonky)

Difficulty: Normal


Does this kind of tournament sound interesting? Trying to come up with some decent VS tournaments for the NES outside of sports games, and there's not a lot to choose from.

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Sounds fun. I never cared for competitive mode much. When the other player eats the power pellet, you can't eat pellets or ghosts and they can bump you around, but that's probably the point.


Fun fact; there's also a certain Easter Egg that happens when playing Coop and you "bounce" off each other in the tunnels! :grin:

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