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Super Breakout hack/disassembly? (mod super with breakout's colors/sounds)

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One thing that has always bothered me about Super Breakout on the 2600 was the colors & sounds. I like the original game's much better and would love to be able to hack Super to use those.

I know nothing about programming the 2600 (but I know the very basics of 6250 assembly). I have been playing around with running code at 8bitworkshop and was wondering if anyone had a disassembly of breakout and super breakout or could lend a hand in modding the game?




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Breakout is a 2K game, while Super Breakout is a 4K game, which means you can use Stella to create a disassembly.

Steps to do this are:

  • Load the ROM
  • Play the game, try different game variations as well
  • enter Stella's debugger by hitting ` (typically above tab, and to the left of 1)
  • type the command savedis

The reason for step 2 is that will make the disassembly more accurate because Stella uses the code that was run to differentiate between program code and data.



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One thing I like Stella debug feature, it easy to follow the code. You can hit the scan+1 until you see the picture being developed on the left top window. You can click on the bigger window right of it and use the arrow key to move around. Once you see the desire scanline you want to change, then you can use the step function to follow the code and when register COLOPF(Color Playfield) get loaded with a value.


When you see, STA.X, it is loading a register from an pointer. LDA COLOPF push the value to register color playfield. So the pointer LF1EC is the byte list of playfield color. You can change that by clicking on the byte, and enter new data and then push enter. For example,


I'm not sure if this list only for that level or is there more color tables. So this one works for this level.

Hopefully this helps you out.

EDIT: The game have an 2nd list of colors for one of the game variation.

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