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I put the C02 project on GitHub. Due to non-vcs patches to the compiler, I had to create a separate branch with a version that will compile programs in the vcs directory. This branch will eventually be merged back in.


The compiler can be built using gcc and Makefile or using the Pelles C compiler for Windows and the c02.ppj file.


To compile a .c02 program, cd to the vcs directy and issue the command "c02 filename" on Windows or "../c02 filename" in Linux, etc... where filename does not include the .c02 extension.



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I added some more #pragma directives to the compiler, rambase and writebas, which specify the base address for reading and writing variables in RAM, to allow doe Superchip RAM and CBS RAM+.


There's also a #pragma zeropage deircetive and a zeropage type modifier, which allows setting a base address in zero page and declaration of zero page variables.


In addition, variables declared const are specifically allocated in ROM.

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