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Imagine atari lynx games on 3DS & switch VC

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While there are sega gamegear games on the 3DS virtual console, there were never atari lynx games on it,also atari never brought their lynx games on a disc for consoles or on a 3DS card,may ask why.

It would be great to see atari lynx games being offivcialy rereleased on today's handhelds like psvita and or on 3DS virtual console.


It would be also great for nintendo because backthen they recieved a letter from epix to get the rights for the handy/lynx,and eventrough nintendo refused but if nintendo will accept to allow atari to put their lynx games on the 3DS & switch virtual console,this way nintendo will symbolically get a taste from what they could,ve take in 1988 in what could,ve be their own system, a rechance to accept parts of the lynx stuff, the games and the emulator it runs on.


To avoid games to be too blockey they could implement an optional upscaling smothing filter against it.


What do you atari lynx & nintendo fans thinking?

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Is the 3DS really powerful enough to emulate the Atari Lynx? Imagine trying to downclock your single-core ARM11 smartphone to 268MHz and putting the aLynx emulator (or something similar) on it, hence the original 3DS' spec. If it doesn't work well, maybe make it New3DS-exclusive with the triple-core 804MHz design?


And the Nintendo Switch console is more powerful than the New3DS handheld.

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