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FS: Repro Vectrex Mine Storm Overlay

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For sale: brand new Mine Storm screen printed overlays

​This is the last batch I will make.



  • Professionally screen printed reproductions
  • Four colour layer overlay Better colour registration then the original overlays
  • White print on the back layer
  • Die cut

The overlays are shipped with a protective transportation overlay

- see https://youtu.be/W5xRiBEBJXU

Please note these overlays are professionally screen printed and die cut. These should not be confused with the floppy home made ink jet produced overlays that can be sometimes found on the internet.

You will find it very difficult to tell the difference with this repro from the original Mine Storm overlay. The only give away is the intentional small copyright text on the right edge of the reproduction overlay. This text says "reproduction" on purpose in order to distinguish it from the original.

The pricing is as follows:

UK - £9 (overlay) + £1.65 (post & packaging) = £10.65
EU - £9 (overlay) + £3.10 (post & packaging) = £12.10
US/Canada - £9 (overlay) + £3.85 (post & packaging) = £12.85

For the same postage amount I can post up to two overlays in the same package.

If you would like to purchase a reproduction Mine Storm overlay please email [email protected] stating quantity required and your country.

Also I have some remaining green overlays in stock - please visit http://www.vectrex.co.uk/shop.htm

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Received Some VectrexMad! Reproduction Vectrex Mine Storm overlays today. Here is a Google Photos Album Link to some pics for the overlay.
Also in the album are some comparison images with the Mine Storm overlays by Steven Kray, Tony Holcomb, and the Original GCE overlay.




Fast delivery in 9 days from the UK to the USA west coast.

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