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2600 composite mod?

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So recently I've been playing a lot of 2600 games and I was wondering if there was an easy way to connect a 2600 to a more modern TV. My first thought was one of the many composite mod kits floating around on eBay for about ten bucks. I went to atariage to see if there was any info about those here, and noticed the retron 77 blog post saying it would be a way to play 2600 games thru HDMI, but it would be a whole different system and cost a lot more than the mod kit, so I still think I'll go with that. How hard is it to do those mods, and would any of you have anything else to say about them? Thanks.

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I have the cheap mods in my 7800 and my 2600. I don't think the output looks good on the 2600. There's a lot of color bleed and it makes some games look horrible. Everyone recommends the UAV board that Bryan makes. It's around $25 (I think) and is a HUGE improvement over the cheap one. I've been planning to buy one myself, but haven't been able to find the extra cash. If you have a 2600 Junior, the cheap mod is said to work fine with it, but I haven't tried it to make sure yet. The cheap one does work great with the 7800. There's just something about the 2600 that doesn't seem to agree with the cheap mods. The UAV board pulls the signals directly from the chip, so it gets the best possible picture. Just do a search for UAV board on the forums and you'll find a LOT of info and posts on how great it is. :)

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