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Dastari Creel

RF Banana lead to coax

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Most of the systems of the 70's and early 80's used a type of banana lead plug to go to an RF switch. Then you'd just connect the RF switch to the TV by screwing in the dual-lead attachments. Now, there are baluns now that allow you to convert that dual lead attachment to standard coax, but is there any way to cut out the middle man and just convert straight from the banana lead to coax? I don't need a switchbox because there's nothing connected to the coax of my TV, so this would be better for me.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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The original switch boxes were meant for televisions of the time that mostly only had 300 ohm antenna input terminals so the switch box had a balun in it for impedance matching. Newer TV’s have a 75 ohm input so a matching transformer is not necessary.


You’ll see a lot of old switch boxes that have a 300 ohm to 75 ohm F-type matching transformer attached to them for when televisions made the switch over to 75 ohm F-type RF inputs. So they were now converting 75 to 300 and than back to 75 again.

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