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Season 6 - The New HSC - Weeks 28/29 = Horizontal Shooters

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Super Cobra: 27,160


I think Super Cobra is an excellent game! Mostly I've been playing this one so far. One strange thing about it: if you get through the 1st level without dying, the 2nd level will have a nearly impossible crack you have to fly through, but the levels after that won't give you anything that hard to get through. The game is challenging enough without it, but it just seems like they would have put that part in a later stage in the game. The last time we played this I joked that the game should have been called "Super Narrow Crevice."


Planet Patrol: 1,700


Not exactly a great game in my opinion but I like Planet Patrol. the moon adds a nice touch.


Exocet: 2,120


I don't like Exocet very much but even games I don't like are fun as long as they're challenging to get higher scores, ESPECIALLY with some real competition like the HSC!

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note: Added bonus points for those who dare!


For more bonus points, play Sorcerer but brave the journey without your magical flying platform. (+1)


And, another (+1) for each player whose score you beat.

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Super Cobra: 27,410



Planet Patrol: 3,240



Sorcerer: 2,330



I definitely get a kick out of Sorcerer, ever since I first tried it 6 or 7 years ago.

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Sorcerer Walking : 9,999




Planet Patrol : 17,560




Exocet : 7,800



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Some participation scores again. Little time, and not particularly fond of either of the games. Super Cobra is really ok, but these days I have little patience for the blocky scrolling. I do have a soft spot in my heart for Planet Patrol. It was one of the first games I bought when I got into Atari collecting back in 2011. Still, that doesn't make it a good game.


I think I have Exocet somewhere, but can't find the cart right now. So I'll pass that one. Not really a chance to get into the Silver Medal bracket anyway.


Super Cobra: 14,240


Planet Patrol: 7,070



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Super Cobra: 9500

Planet Patrol : 10270

Exocet: 19890


If you like these types of games try ' Graceful Explosion Machine' on the Switch.






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Planet Patrol - 8,940





Bonus: Sorcerer - 9,999





The Walking Sorcerer - 4,240



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And now for the last two games - Planet Patrol and Sorcerer. I may or may not try again at these two tomorrow, but in case I don't, I should submit these scores now. They're not as fun for me as Super Cobra, so I may just use my limited remaining free time available to try to improve my Super Cobra score.

(Difficulty B/B)

Planet Patrol: 7550

Sorcerer: 3670



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