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Indus GT - Boot Error

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Having issues with my Indus GT giving me a "Boot Error" when I try and load DOS and a G5 error for all else.


The drive when empty goes from 00 to 39 and stops there. It sounds fine, no unusual noises.


Want to clean the heads, but not sure where they are. Can someone send a pic or directions?


Trying to get this system working again. Pristine 800 XL with Indus Drive in case with all documentation and discs...even have a Gemini 10X dot matrix printer.





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Here are the codes: #12

The head is in the middle of the drive .. the thing on rails. You could just have dirt on the head, or the disk itself is falling apart and leaving dirt.

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Remove the 2 screws on the back, then the back panel.

Remove the 4 screws on the bottom, then slide the case back and off.


You'll see the hub that drives the disk middle way back the drive mech.

The head ass'y is just rear of the hub, and it slides on rails.


Gently lift the pressure pad lever. It's a small black arm that is part of the assembly. You'll see it lift up when you open the drive door.


The actual head is a small round white ceramic dot with a black line crossing it.


Once you have found the head, apply some 90+% isopropyl alcohol with a cotton swab.

Let it sit a minute, then scrub the head with the swab. Use a new swab when the old one shows dirt.

Continue until no more dirt.


Use a dry swab and go over the head. Let it sit for a while to make certain everything is dry, test, then re-assemble.


Try NOT to get the pressure pad wet.

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Sorry to impose but my IndusGT was unreliable until i reseated the ROM IC

I installed a fresh socket and it now works fine (i already cleaned the head and rails etc)

i also deduced that is should run on 12v DC not 9v as is muted on some forums

hope this helps


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