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45+ Years to Sunnyvale, California: a pilgrim's journey...

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And one more:




1265 Borregas Ave


It is sad to see this nice office building staying empty.

If you look closer, you will see one of many new Google's fancy glass offices (in the background).

It seems that 30 years old buildlings do not match modern standards any more and are too small for the giants...

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All I have to say about some of the comments on this thread [*]...


"Oh, for crying out loud".


No advances mankind has made in any way require the introduction of a black box to explain them ("aliens", "divinely inspired", whatever); it's all logical progression. As for UFO's, hey maybe - I don't have the data to say, and I find it unlikely we're alone in the universe. I also find it pretty unlikely we're getting random fly-by's of alien races, mind. Even limiting it to our galaxy, that's a tremendously *enormous* space, and we're a comparatively minuscule part of it in an unremarkable branch of a minor arm. The thing about even the well-documented UFOs is that the 'U' just stands for 'unidentified', not 'alien race'.

[*] For the record: I actually *was* a rocket scientist for the M.O.D - doctorate in Physics at Imperial etc. After playing with all the best toys for a while, I got tired of helping to kill people - so these days I write embedded software for (IMHO) one of the best companies on the planet, bringing up all the R&D boards to a workable state, and "physics-y" things are more of a hobby, but you never lose the main attribute of any physicist: critical thinking.


[bringing it back kicking-and-screaming on-topic]


As it happens I live in San Jose these days. I've driven past the old Atari HQ. It's sadly unremarkable, given the time that has passed. Tempus fugit.

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For long time space travel you need far advanced mechanical computers. Silicon based will works max. 100 years... You need 1000s and 1000s years for interstellar traveling to get on Earth 2 like planet...

So ETs have more like "antikythera" supercomputer...

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