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Season 6 - The New HSC - Week 30 = Crossbow

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2600 High Score Club - Week 30:





CLARIFICATION: No use of cheats, emulation advantages, bugs, cart frying or other variables that would give you an unfair advantage in this HSC. No game enhancements or special favorite settings are allowed for play in the 2600 HSC, unless specifically authorized by your humble yet strict MODERATORS! (Jacob/BAZ.)




Released By: Atari 1988

Programmed By: Dan Kitchen

Left Difficulty: B

Right Difficulty: B

Game Mode: Level 3 (Your friends are not protected from your crossbow shots!)


The HSC Record for Crossbow:  never played Level 3 game selection

--> Roll/Max the score for +6 bonus points.






Post your scores here in this thread and they will be added to the high score list.  All scores of at least 98% of the maximum displayable score will be considered a Rollage/Maxout.


Remember to play the game with the recommended game mode and difficulty settings as shown above so your scores can match up with everyone else.  Please refer to the rules thread for more information and for further questions about fair play, ask here.


! Have Fun !



The deadline for posting scores is 11:59:59 PM (EST) the evening of August 20th, 2017





We've reached the final 3 weeks of Season 6! 

Many more points are available in the final weeks:


Double Points -- Scores achieved during the last 3 weeks will earn DOUBLE points.


Beat the Leaders -- Beat the top 3 players (by season points) during the last 3 weeks for added bonus points.




beat snakeboy (+2)

beat nads (+4)

beat oyamafamily (+6)


note -- This bonus is only available if the leader you beat is ranked above you, and it's worth fewer points for those in the top 3.




snakeboy beats nads (+2)

snakeboy beats oyamafamily (+4)

nads beats oyamafamily (+2)







Crossbow High Scores

(Scoring is +2 points for last place and +2 up from there)


1.  490,950 nads +40(+2)

2.  260,900 oyamafamily +38(+2)

3.  217,400 Gorfy +36(+2)

4.  216,400 darthkur +34(+2)

5.  151,100 Lauren Tyler +32(+2)

6.  139,500 DanielJSorenson +30(+2)

7.  138,100 Vocelli +28(+2)

8.  90,250 toiletunes +26(+2)

9.  47,700 KaeruYojimbo +24(+2)

10. 47,050 snakeboy +22

11. 34,050 Diamonds +20

12. 33,200 TheHoboInYourRoom +18

13. 31,500 classicgamer_27330 +16

14. 25,500 AtariWarlord +14

15. 25,350 Raccoony Dave +12

16. 17,450 Piggles +10

17. 16,250 S.BAZ +8

18. 15,350 Abel M'Vada +6

19. 6,300 Scrabbler15 +4

20. 250 jblenkle +2









Season Standings Through Week 28/9 (Horizontal Shooters)


1.  oyamafamily 968
2.  nads 723
3.  snakeboy 712
4.  Vocelli 689
5.  darthkur 687  ^2
6.  Diamonds 685
7.  S.BAZ 680
8.  KaeruYojimbo 587  ^2


9.  Atarian7 586  ^1

10. Jin 569

11. TheHoboInYourRoom 558
12. keilbaca 476
13. toiletunes 447
14. AtariWarlord 419  ^1

15. CapitanClassic 414
16. Lauren Tyler 395


17. RaccoonyDave 348  ^2
18. karokoenig 340

19. Scrabbler15 338
20. Gorfy 320
21. classicgamer_27330 286  ^2
22. DarQ Massacres 274
23. Tony Danger 270
24. Mister-VCS 250


25. DanielJSorenson 244  ^4

26. agb 234

27. Piggles 233

28. Hyperboy 195
29. Abel M'Vada 174  ^1

30. David Ward 165

31. McCallister 147

32. Cynicaster 142
     roadrunner 142
34. bugcatcher88 138
35. Northcoastgamer 131

36. SpiceWare 127
37. LidLikesIntellivision 120
38. Deteacher 114
39. ed1475 112

40. DT Kofoed 106

41. troff 76
42. Eltigro 74

43. Micheloni2600 73

44. Harrison 65

45. dreadnaught 53

46. Sneakyturtleegg 45

47. MrBubble 40
48. jblenkle 37  ^3

49. Buttons 31

50. Tony The 2600 28
51. RJ 27

52. Morinphen 24

53. Nathan Strum 23

54. Allen Schweitzer 21

55. JacobZu7zu7 15

56. MayDay 9

57. NIKON 7

58. Tickled_Pink 3









Expect a variety of game selections from the late '70's to early '90's as well as a few Homebrew games from more modern times!


There will be special rounds consisting of multiple games and lasting more than one week.


Up next -- Many more points will be available during the final 3 weeks to finish the season!  

             -- As a reward to all who stuck it out to the end.

             -- There will also be some humble prizes for those who played in every round!


Overall the NEW High Score Club Season 6 will last THROUGH August 2017.
*Bracket Challenge to follow* -- TOP 24 players matched up in a single-elimination tournament!

8.  47,700 KaeruYojimbo

Edited by S.BAZ

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Made it to the Jungle Stage, then accidentally shot one of my friends.  The others were bonked by the coconuts the monkeys threw.  I'll play again later when I'm more awake.




Did a bit better this time around.  Started with the volcano, followed by the desert then the cave.  Unfortunately, after that I made the mistake of going to the castle.  A map of some kind would be handy.

Edited by Lauren Tyler

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Curiosities about Crossbow for 2600 / VCS:



By reading this reference with more attention, there is a BUG involving Difficulty Switches.


Extract from the manual:

"Use the left difficulty switch on your console to change the speed of your crossbow.  Move the switch to the "A"
or left position for faster shots. Move it to the "B" or right position for slower shots."

On Stella Emulator / Original Atari-made 2600/VCS hardware, Difficulty B/Novice means faster shots, and Difficulty A/Expert means slower shots.


Pay special attention in the video which proves the effects of Difficulty Switches on my Stella Emulator.

[attachment=523734:2600 Crossbow.wmv]


COLECO GEMINI CONSOLE users: BE CAREFUL to set the apropriate position of Difficulty Switches (B is Expert and A is Novice).

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I decided to share JacobZu7zu7's hints for Crossbow, provided on 2600 OLD High Score Club Season 9 (2011). Time to read with more attention! :) ;) ;-)




Quickest path to "castle/drawbridge"

Click the colors in this order,

Red, Blue, Red...


Green, Green, Blue, Red... Better path for novice players. (NO CRAZY MONKEYS WITH THIS PATH!)

to get to the FINAL zone, "the treasure room"
(bottom right screen) click path "RED" again.

When you become better at playing, you can mix the path order up anyway you want. RED always brings you to Treasure zone! Remember (red) to reach the final level.

FREE MEN = You get a Bonus guy every zone you cross effectively (except the Castle Drawbridge) however, once you collect him, you wont get any more men! Unless you win the Final area the Treasure room, after completing this you get 1 Bonus guy EVERYTIME, you finish. After that, you begin at starting point again.
(4) is the total amount of men you can have in the game.

Bonus Evil Eyeball, they appear randomly during any zone, and are worth 1,000 points BUT, as they appear, one of the two forces will STOP attacking on you!, so by NOT hitting the eye, you are safter for (full seconds) untill it disappears.
(Some evil eye, it makes the game easier!)

I AVOID getting the Bonus on these levels
(Desert/Cave/Monkey Jungle/Drawbridge/Treasure room. It's not worth losing a guys life over a 1ks. It just 'aint! It takes the cursor too far off, and leaves you unprepared!
Get the bonus, only if you KNOW it's safe to.

Tips on gameplay,

BIG TIP, = Keep the cursor (square) "closely" above your guys head while he's walking (every level but the desert), since only ONE guy walks across each zone at one time, there's no need to be moving your cursor all over, just right above his head, and side to side to blast ice or arrows etc.

BIG TIP 2, = The Monkey/Jungle level, instead of trying to knock them down, it's probably better to keep the cursor just BARELY above your guys head, and SHOOT when you see the Monkeys "coconuts"?? nearly reaching you. The flowers below are DEADLY, shoot them when they are near your feet! Then bring that cursor back right above your guys head! KEEP an eye on the Monkeys, I have been hit by them, at the FARTHEST right part of the screen!! Keep your cursor above your head at this part.

These zones start with an obstacle BLOCKING your path in front, shoot them down right away...it's easier to take care of these sooner then later.

Same thing, this time move the square HIGHER above your peoples heads, this gives you a bit more margin for error. Always move the cursor slightly "in front" of your walking guys head. Sometimes a piece of lava can hit you if your cursor is too far behind your guy...

To Avoid falling ice in the cave zone... keep the cursor (square) closely above your guys head while he's walking, just hit fire when the ice falls at you, and this goes for the bird too. No point in moving the white square away or up and down, just straight across and "just" above your guys head.

I always try to position my cursor (close) above my head, and hit away the Archers ARROWS first, then scroll back and "tap" the bird. Since the arrows are more deadly then the bird, its better to get in the method of taking out arrows first. If your cursor is placed too high above your head, you will MISS the bird coming from behind, so be careful! I don't bother to hit the archers from the roof, I also don't get the bonus eyeball here either, it's better/safer to leave 'em.

In the castle, you have to hit the "shiny white cross" in the middle of the screen, to open the trap door in the floor, and after doing that... the game awards 10,000!, and repeats. THE DRAGON in the ceiling, you "can" hit his fireballs. I try to hit the dragon himself, so I don't have to deal with his fire!

When entering the Treasure room, at first, don't worry about the Dragon! Quickly swing your cursor left and ABOVE your guys head, and shoot the arrows that will be falling down at your head. Hit the burning torches (two of them) When you clear them... then hit the Dragon or fireball, when you see him retreat into the hole in the ceiling... go quickly for the cross staff, (held by a black demon guy) keep the cursor firing over the dragon so he doesn't breathe more fire, and when you see the cross start to glow (white), quickly bring the cursor over it, and hit fire button right "on top" of it. You've Won!

Edited by oyamafamily

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Crossbow (Level 3): 138100


I really don't have trouble with any levels except the drawbridge one. The angle of the archer shots throw me off.

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Today was my first day getting to actually try this game. I tried it BEFORE reading the excellent and thorough tips/guide given by Oyama Family, so my next attempts tonight or tomorrow will hopefully result in a better score. Even so, this is a fun and addictive game. One wishes one had wiser and less oblivious friends though!


(Difficulty B/B, game 3)


Crossbow: 15200



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Crossbow new attempt - game 3 B/B - 160,000

(For all attempts, I avoided entering the JUNGLE)

[attachment=524082:Crossbow (1987) (Atari)_4.png]

Edited by oyamafamily

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Missed the chance to get a screenshot.  I made it into the castle, but I picked the wrong choice after!




With some practice, I've learned to do a lot better.  It seems in the later rounds, having just one friend to guide through the castle entrance makes it easier.  Unfortunately, that damn vulture is another story!

Edited by Lauren Tyler

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