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After 36 years: WSFN was saved and now in PD with source!

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Hi together!


Again, the 'Atari strike force' did a major hit:




Therefore, we greatly thank Harry B. Stewart for given the program and the source code into PD, we thank Kevin Savetz for doing that job, contacting Harry and interviewing him, we thank Atari_Ace for typing in the source code, verify it and making a rom and a cart image of it and last, but not least, Allan Bushman for preserving the APX version of Extended WSFN including the manual.


Wow, what a time. It proves again, how much can be done, if we all work together! :-)))


So, as of 2017, just the APX cas version is missing to make it complete. Any hints about it are very welcome at any time.


A giant leap further for the 100 % digitizing project. :-)))


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Is there any more information/background on the cartridge version and how it was restored?

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Yes, MrFish, there is, indeed. All infos are in the scanned source code files by Kevin.


I saw the source code, but I think you misunderstand my question.


On the Wiki it shows this: "Thank you so much Atari_Ace from AtariAge for creating the rom image! Once, there was one cartridge on planet earth, which vanished in a museum and therefore was thought to be lost. After 36 years(!) you brought it back to the light.". I'm interested to know more of the story behind these statements.

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