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New Old Apple II BBS!

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Hey guys,


Captain's Quarters BBS has returned from its watery grave! Warp Six is humming along on my all-solid-state Apple IIgs via TCPSER on a Raspberry Pi. It's got 7 Door Games, a ton of Text Files, and the retrocomputing / retrogaming message boards. The BBS is still under construction, so come help test it out!


Connect here: telnet://cqbbs.ddns.net:6502

If you don't have your Apple II online, there's a few ways to do so. The first is to get the Wifi232 Internet Modem for your old computer here (when it's in stock):
Or use TCPser on a Raspberry Pi with a null modem cable as described here:
You can also use the terminal program SyncTERM on your modern computer to logon:
Hope to see you there!
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Thousands of Apple II-related text files have been added, so fire up your capture buffers!


Also, the Masters of Trivia Game is quite popular with topics such as Computers (of course), Classic Video Games, Star Wars, Star Trek, Big Bang Theory, and 80's Pop Culture. Get on the leaderboards!


If you haven't already heard, a great way to connect your Apple II to telnet BBS's is the excellent wimodem232 from cbmstuff.com.


Hope to see you there.


Captain's Quarters BBS


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Congrats to Duhast who just became a Trivia Master with 25 wins! The game has been reset so jump in now.



Surely you are an expert on some of these topics! :grin:



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