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Video Games & Dvds For Sale. Help me get to tom petty. NEW STUFF ADDED

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*im Raising money to go see tom petty and the heartbreakers in september at the hollywood bowl. im selling these games. games are all in playable shape. some are minty and some have some minor scratches. nothing to terrible. all the art work is in good to very good shape. some may be in lesser shape but will still play. feel free to ask any questions. SHipping will be paid by the buyer so if wanting large amounts i can send either media mail or priority flat rate box. Help my dreams come true with these cheap prices.

new rule: Orders have to be a min of $10. im eating the cost of packing supplys and everything else so any order under $10 is basicly me just giving away the games for cost.

$20 Expantion pak Nintendo Brand

$15 Natural Doctrine

ps3.png Complete Unless Stated otherwise

$5 Call of duty modern warfare 2
$5 Call of duty black ops *no booklet*
$5 Call of Duty Advanced warfare
$5 Saints Row IV. *has redbox sicker on disc ring*
$5 Diablo 3
$5 Two Worlds 2
$5 Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster
$5 Brutal Legend
$3 SingStar *no mic*
$3 FIfa 10
$3 Little league world series 2010
$3 Eat Lead return of mat hazard *disc only*
$3 Dark Void * DIsc only*
$3 Army of Two *Disc only*
$3 Final Fantasy XII *DIsc only*

wii.png Complete unless stated
$4 Bleach Shattered Blade *missing booklet*
$2 Prince of persia forgotten sands
$2 Hannah Montana the movie
$2 Goplay Lumberjacks
$2 Battle of the bands
$2 Wii Play

wii.png Disc only
$2 Glacier 3 the meltdown
$2 Nerf N-Strike
$2 My Word Coach
$2 Guinness World Records the video game
$2 Ssx Blur
$2 Shaun White snowboarding world stage
$2 Sega Superstar tennis
$2 Samurai Warriors Katana
$2 Samba De Amigo

$2 each PlayStation 2 complete.
Nba 2k7
TIger woods 03
World Championship poker
Mlb 2k6
Pirates of the caribbean the lgend of jack sparrow

$2 each PlayStation 2 Missing booklets
Ghost recon

xbox.png complete unless noted
$8 Spyro's Heros tail complete. *disc has minor scratches*
$5 doom 3
$5 Simpsons road rage
$5 XII *Thirteen*

$2 Money for nothing *john cusack* brand new still sealed

DVDS: *Still sealed*
$2 The Stone Angel *still sealed*
$2 Comming to america special edition *still sealed*
$2 Scary Movie 4 unrated *still sealed*

Dvds used:
$1 New York Doll W/case
$1 Saw 2 W/case
$1 Veggietales the star of christmas W/case
$1 Hit & run *Disc only*
$1 The virgin Suicides *disc only*
$1 Hot Boyz *disc only*
$1 The Mother Hips Beauty Rock Live At The Catalyst *disc only*
$1 McHale's Navy/ Thundercats Combo disc *Disc only

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i was suposed to go see him 4 days ago in seattle. ended up having to sell off those tickets and buy tickets for the show in Hollywood a month from now. the travel expense from utah to CA was just a little bit more in my price range.


pretty disapointed that i have to wait another 30 days to see him but what can you do right?

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