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1040STF PSU parts replacement parts question

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Got home and pull put the ASP34-1 bad psu I have. I did some quick multimeter testing on all the major caps. None are bulging, or leaking from under that I can see with out removing them. They all get response from the meter. (yes I know it is not the best way to test, but its all I got) The only unit I get no response from is a cap in position C2, an orange ceramic cap. It is labeled OCS 222M on one side and the other:
580-2 400V
+ ~ Y
665-1 s EW1

What dose this mean?
is this a good replacement
http://frys.com/product/1792445?site=sr ... IN_RSLT_PG
Fry's only seems to have 50v and 1000V ceramic caps when i filter with 220M. Any word about NTE caps? I works at Fry's Electronics, and we sell this line of parts. I do not know if NTE is just the distributor, or manufacturer. But, I get a discount on purchases. I do know that most of these parts have been hanging in the stores, in the original packages for several years. So no heat or humidity issues during their non use life.

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I have been looking closely there. One thing missing, at least for a nubee like me, is you do not list the PCB locations next to the replacement caps. So I can get the caps, but do not know where they go. A lot of the labeling on my caps are faded, and unreadable. Some do not match your lists from my 'still learning to read caps' point a view.

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