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WTT/WTB Looking for Final Fantasy XII PS2's (Korea/HK/SG/AU/NZ)

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Below is a list of all known releases and in [] is how many I own. If you had a release not listed and are interesting on selling it I'll be highly interested. At the least if you have one that isn't on the list and AREN'T interested in selling please scan the case (front and back) and the disc so I can attempt to locate it. :D

I need the following games in BOLD the most with the ones in BOLD & UNDERLINE as top priority. Needless to say I pretty much need them all and I'm only focusing on PS2 retail game releases for now so no console bundles. I prefer to get brand new sealed copies but will take near mint or mint condition opened copies!

SLPM-66320: Original release (J) [1]
SLPM-55022: Ultimate Hits (J) [1]
SLPM-66750: International - Zodiac Job System (J) [1]
SLPM-55210: International - Zodiac Job System Ultimate Hits (J) [1] (new)
SCAJ-20172: Original release (HK/SG) [1] (new)
SCAJ-20188: International - Zodiac Job System (HK/SG) [0]

SCKA-20073: Original release (KR) [0]
SCKA-20138: International - Zodiac Job System Ultimate Hits (KR) [0]

SLUS-20963: Original release (U) [2]
SLUS-20963GH: Greatest Hits release (U) [3] (1 new)
SLUS-21576: Collector's Edition Steelbook (U) [6]


SLES-54354: Promo disc (UK) [1]
SLES-54354: Original release (UK) [1] (New)
SLES-54354/P: Platinum release (UK) [1]
SLES-54355: Original release (FR) [1]
SLES-54355/P: Platinum release (FR) [1]
SLES-54356: Original release (DE) [1] (New)
SLES-54356/P: Platinum release (DE) [1]
SLES-54357: Original release (IT) [1] (New)
SLES-54357/P: Platinum release (IT) [1] (Missing Manual, condition not as described when purchased online)
SLES-54358: Original release (ES) [1] (New)

SLES-54354: Original release (AU/NZ) [0]
SLES-54354/P: Platinum (AU/NZ) [0]

SLES-54354-ANZ: (AU/NZ) [0]
SLES-54354/P-ANZ: Platinum release (AU/NZ) [0]

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Added a couple additional versions. I could use someone who lives in South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, or Hong Kong to help me get them from those regions.

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Updated the list after acquiring a few more. I still cannot seem to find the Korean releases on any site that ships to the US. The International HK/SG release is also proving difficult to find.


Anyway, I'm still interested in acquiring any on my list I do not have and or any that are not on my list. :-D

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