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Broken CBS Donkey Kong Cart

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my Donkey Kong Cart seems to be broken/roasted - so i opened it up and there was (suprisingly) an UV Eprom on the PCB.


Can i just reprogram/replace this?


The PCB is a 6088 / P6110 REV4 it has a 2764 Eprom and a 74LS Logic on it.. The Eprom has a Sticker with 600 (or 009)


Rgds Dario

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Yes you can replace it, but reprogramming it would require removing the uveprom and placing it on a serial programming board. Dont know if there is any of those anymore...

Anyway, in the US, you cant upload a game's actual rom again from a website; that's illegal. You will have to make your own game if you want to go the route of programming.

Oherwise I recommend buying another entire cart on a website that has it for the actual console. This is because the glue logic might be your problem, too. So if you dont feel like buying the same game twice, try replacing the 74LS first.

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