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Looking for Star Command Gold & Deluxe

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Hello all. I've been hunting for these CIB for-bloody-ever so I thought I'd check here. I do not care about what region it is!


So, what I'm looking for is a big box version of both. I do want a disc and or a jewel case+insert+disc too, but I really want the big box release. At this point I'll take almost anything I can get. Especially with Star Command: Gold since this seems to be lost to history as there is no information on it I can find. Even wikipedia has nothing about it. I wonder if the Gold version was a disc only pack-in for something and that's why I've never seen any CIB materials for it. I'm half tempted to locate any contact from either Metropolis Digital or GT Interactive to see if they can help me out with some info on the Gold release. This is my second favorite RTS of all time behind StarCraft so I'd love to be able to get all releases. I already have my original big box Star Command: Revolution and another big box of it new/sealed.


I've attached the only decent pictures I could find of these for reference.



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Well I emailed Atari since they own whatever is left of Metropolis Digital & GT Interactive and of course they ignored my email inquiring about an old game. I won't give up on this!

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