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International Play Your Vectrex Day (Nov. 1)

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No more

International Play Your Vectrex Day 2018


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No more announcements?



Well, I won't be able to participate anyway, but just wondering....

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Taken From



Press release...

Lets plan things a few weeks in advance for November 1st. On this day you will:

1. Get up (probably/hopefully)
2. Go to work (probably/hopefully)
3. Actually DO some work (again, probably...)
4. Go back home (everyone say it with me: "well, just as long as there isn’t a nuclear war...")
5. Play some Vectrex!

Yes, this is the day that we celebrate the anniversary of the release of the Vectrex of November, 1982. Here you’ll play the unique vector machine and make a record of what you played, along with any extras you might wish to add, such as photos for the event (which the rules can be seen here).

Be there unless a nuclear war prevents it.

Feel free to copy and paste and spread the word!

VectrexMad! and Oliver at the Vectrex Museum have been notified.

(Note: don't know why the blasted picture won't show up. Just click on the link below to use it if you wish.)




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