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Need some soldering work for a Champ Adapter

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Hello To All

I need assistance we getting a 2-button mod for a Champ Coleco Adapter. I sadly lack the time, space and equipment to do the mod myself. Details on what I need are here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/214256-colecovision-champ-adaptor-2-button-modification/. The mod is simple, easy and I am willing to pay for it. Please contact me if you are willing to do it.

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Please ignore my request. My champ adapter turns out to be broken!


Are you trying to use a sega genesis controller with the adapter? Because it doesn't work( it will, but you have to plug it in after you turn on the coleco). Note - I DO NOT recommend hot swapping controllers.


If it is really broken:

You can swap the keypad from a standard coleco controller. But only the keypad - NOT the backing. You have to carefully peel the keypad membrane off the backing to swap.

Also, any fully wired (all nine wires) sega, Atari cord will work to fix a bad cord.


Its totally worth fixing.


If your willing to try fixing it, lots of people here will help. :waving:

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