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Stella: breakif with strobe registers

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I'm trying to trigger HMOVE without RSYNC, still at the right time. I suppose there is a way to trap a write only after the first color clock cycles.

But right how I'm stuck at

breakif { (_ccycle > 3) && WRITEAT(HMOVE) }

How can I tell Stella what to do at WRITEAT(HMOVE)?

Or can I somehow combine trapwrite with a function?


Or maybe something like thiis?

function strobeccycle { (_ccycle > 3) ? HMOVE : $7F }

trapwrite strobeccycle


Ideas anyone?

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In the current GIT repo we have a new set of commands: trapreadif, trapwriteif, etc, that combine a condition with a read/write trap. Sounds like exactly what you need. But I can't say when the next release will be; hopefully some time in the next month or so.


You're free to checkout and build from Git, of course.

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