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game image questions...hope that's not inappropriate

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I know that most ST software still falls under copyright restrictions, but it makes it hard that one can't simply go down to the local Best Buy and purchase an ST game title.


In the case of these two though, I have posted a WANTED ad in the marketplace, so my questions may be moot (if someone responds and sells me originals)


First, are there any image copies of Oxyd that run on real Iron?? I would really like to get that game again (my Bolo is getting lonely), but I've tried every one I can find seems to suffer from gameplay disabling protection. I'm looking for the original Oxyd, not any of the sequels (I'm sure they're good, but I need a hit of nostalgia, not something new)


Second, is it possible to create floppies of disc 2 & 3 of Stardust. I have an HD copy, but I haven't purchase a hard drive yet (soon though, using discs sucks!) and the disc layouts of discs 2 & 3 confuse the hell out of FloImg.


Anyway, if such topics are taboo because of DCMA legislation, moderators can feel free to delete this post, but hopefully someone will PM me in the interim to either offer me original for sale or assist in getting existing images to work.



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I think at this point in time, I wouldn't worry too much about DCMA unless someone is still selling the software new. If someone is selling off new stock, the advantage of that is you get the physical thing. We're not taking the food out of the producers mouth like you would be if you were pirating back in the day.

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