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My first project weird glitch

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This is my first post on any atariage forum, if this is the wrong place to post this topic, then I'll gladly move it.

First of all, I just need to give out a big thank you to Random Terrain for the awesome tutorial page (I use it like a bB bible), atariage for this forum, and anyone who worked on batari basic/visual bB.

So while testing out my first project this weird glitch came out of nowhere, everything works fine until the player touches (collides) with player1 (the finish flag).

When this happens the game starts all over. I assume either a variable was messed up or misspelled, or perhaps players can't collide?

(I don't need anything else fixed, I know the movement of the player sucks as well as the collision against walls. I'll be sure to improve those in Max's Maze 2)



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You have two checks for collisions between player0 and player1. The first does a goto to __map02. In that block, you repeat the same collision checks, which will come out the same given that there has not been a drawscreen since the last collision checks, so your second collision check for player0 and player1 will also trigger. This one goes to __map03.


Here is the remainder if the file after __map03:





Your game restarts because it falls off the edge here and runs out of instructions to execute, so the game restarts.

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