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Simple DIY composite video mod

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Good points about the schematic.

Elsewhere in this thread you'll find a PCB image of the Mod and it's essentially what you're asking for. The PCB layout is what I referenced to build mine but I assembled mine on a proto board.

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The PCB image is this one, right?




This is even less clear to me than the scheme, and that is the reason I want to see the solder side of the board, justo to copy it.


Anyway, let´s try to follow the scheme. I take the video signal from 4, then to the resistor R7. Capacitor C1 is not neccesary as you stated? If neccesary, where to solder to the resistor? After? Behind?


Next, the video signal goes to the trimpot. Mine is like this one:



I guess leg 2 is the middle one, but which ones are 1 and 3? Next guess is the video signal goes to leg 1, and legs 1 and 2 are joined. Then, leg 3 joins to two resistors same time, R1 and R2. The other leg of R2 goes to ground, and other leg of R1 goes to +5V, originated in the pin 3 of the console board.


Then, the point where these two resistors and leg 3 of trimpot joins go to the leg 2 of transistor 2N3904. Leg 3 goes to R4 and leg 1 goes to R3, but before joining the resistor, the line joins the leg 2 of transistor 2N3906. Leg 3 joins to R5 and leg 1 joins R6, but before the resistor we can take the video out.


Is all that correct or I made mistakes? :-o

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Hello, very interresting topic ... I've installed TFW8Bit mod and the image is really too dark on a CRT and quite black on an LCD.


I will give à try to your mod, but as I'm a bit new to this game, could you make a list of the components to buy. It's easy for the resistors but I'm not sure of R8 (gain ?).


Thank you !


Mine was the same way. I used a VCR to amp the signal, and it looks... better. It's not dark anymore.


I will have to piece this thread together and give this mod a try. :)


Thank you for this, I hope it works well with my RetroTINK.

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