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Syndicate for Jaguar

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Syndicate and manual= $27 shipped (continental US).


Game plays great but label does have slight damage in bottom right. Manual has slight cover damage (See pic).


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As promised, i did put the question/critiscm aimed at Mike Diskett's conversion of Syndicate (and Theme Park for not being in a higher resolution as well as suffering frame rate issues)suffering slowdown.. and him missing a few tricks, should of sought advice from other coders before attempting to convert Magic Carpet to the Jaguar..


He was kind enough to reply:


MIKE:"Atari payed a lot of money for the rights to port magic carpet to Jaguar, and could not do it themselves or find anyone who could do it..



Syndicate and theme park are both very simulation heavy games designed to run on a high end 486 (at the time) and even on PC suffer slow downs, without a major simplification of the game it was never going to run at a constant great framerate. With more time we could have made it run better, but I guess projected unit sales were so low it wasnt worth the business guys at Bullfrog have us spend more time and maybe make a loss on making the games.."


I really wish people would understand the commercial side of the Jaguar,before posting comments that belittle the work people did.


It never had the user base to justify a written from the ground up conversion, so sadly it was always going to suffer from more straightforward ports.


And there were not skilled coders lining up to develop on it.


As always, thanks to Mike for giving of his valuable time.

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I never had any issue with the framerate in Syndicate. It only gets horrible when you zoom out all the way, and nobody plays that way anyway. Syndicate is really underrated on the Jag, probably because of the high learning curve. You have to put some time in to get to the meat of the game, and nobody wants to do that with such complicated controls. But it's among my top 5 Jag games, and on a good day could even be #1. Really a great game.


Theme Park is enjoyable, but was severely held back by the lack of a save function for your park. The best you can do is sell off your park and save your dollar amount, but you have to play for a few hours just to get to the point where your park if profitable. And the original game wasn't designed to have you bulid a park from scratch every play session.

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