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Dustcovers/Its Black November!Look at these door crushing deals!

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In spite of what you may have heard.IT SUCKS getting old.

I thought I had an ad up for these, and apparently I lost it :mad:


So, here we go:

Sears telegames 4-6 Switch for the regular 2600/White embroidery $13.50 ea. Have 2

Intellivision /INTV, its the full size console, so you can fool your friends into thnking your original Intellivision is an Intellivision -INTV $16.00 Have 1

Sega Genesis 2, the smaller console, white embroidery $12.50 Have 1

Nintendo/NES Full size with White Logo $14.50 Have 2

Nintendo /NES 101 The small one, white logo $14.00 Have 2

Finally, a Colecovision set of 4 Covers. They fit the console, Module 2, Module 1 and the roller controller $50.00 Have 1 set



Prices are plus shipping, and if you need to see pics,you can either view my original ad with all the dustcovers or I can send you one.

PM with your interest, yes I will combine shipping.


No I wont stand on my head and whistle dixie!

I Maybe old but Im not dumb ;-)

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Really, there are some decent deals here!


If for only one good reason, your keeping me off the streets :)

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