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Pirate_se little score challenge

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Will you find the famous treasure of the programmer "David Weavil"?

Against your opponents, one move less can do win you.

Be the first to arrive at the treasure.






Do the smallest score :


The goal is to find the "X" while having the sword and the shovel.



The window color represents what you are presently carrying (gray - nothing, blue - shovel, yellow - sword, green - shovel & sword)


Take a picture of location "X" and your score.

To win you have to do the least amount of movement or action.

game pirate_se is downloadable here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/100175-phantompirate/?do=findComment&comment=1231667

1. 8 DarQ Massacres /chavert/ MrBeefy

2 9 MrBeefy


3 10 DarQ Massacres / MrBeefy
4 11 chavert

5. 14 DarQ Massacres
6. 16 DarQ Massacres
7. 19 DarQ Massacres
8 21 DarQ Massacres / S.BAZ
9 23 DarQ Massacres
10 30 DarQ Massacres

11 32 MrBeefy

12 42 S.BAZ

13 52 DarQ Massacres


s0c7 the programmer of this game offers:

1st place individual - $ 50 AtariAge store credit

2nd place individual - $ 25 AtariAge store credit



Deadline for scores is 11:59:59 PM (EST) the evening of December 15, 2017


The old version of the game can be bought here: https://atariage.com/store/index.php?l=product_detail&p=843

Good game everyone.

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Ok, so I want to get as low of a score as possible now, I believe it would be 5. step, pick up sword, step, pick up shovel, step, X. but idk if that is possible due to the RNG of item placements, but oh well, My next goal will be sub 10, I wonder how long that will take?

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ok, that's it, I'm done.....

8, I got what I assume is 3 off of the best possible score. I am finally done and can be happy.
(he says even though he knows he will play it more)
but this is also after about 300-400 attempts at the game, resetting if one of the items isn't in the first few steps, sooo, yea.


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It's a real carnage.

Which player will be brave enough to post his score after that ?

That would be me. I didnt really know this existed. I love dungeon and cant wait for dungeon 2. This cart just jumped up higher on my to get list.


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