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Any chance for a retroarch/Libretro version of JzIntv?

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4 hours ago, mr_me said:

Does the version of Jzintv in RG350M support custom controller mappings e.g. Jzintv hackfile?

Hi mr_me, this is the github of the jzintv port: https://github.com/kerheol/dingux-int


According to the readme file, it looks like a hackfile can be added. If I understand correctly, a hackfile can be made for each specific game, here is a copy/paste of the readme:


Welcome to Dingux Int - 1.0.0
  Original Author of Jzintv
  Joseph Zbiciak
  Author of the Dingux, Wiz and GP2X port versions
  Ludovic.Jacomme also known as Zx-81 ([email protected])
  Jzintv is an emulator of the Intellivision videogame system
  running on many systems such as Linux, Unix, Windows and MacOS.
  See http://spatula-city.org/~im14u2c/intv/ for further informations.
  Dingux-Int is a port on dingoo with Dingux os installed of the
  version 20051204 of Jzintv.
  This package is under GPL Copyright, read COPYING file for
  more information about it.
  Unzip the zip file, and copy the content of the directory game to your
  SD memory.
  For any comments or questions on this version, please visit
  http://zx81.zx81.free.fr or http://www.gp32x.com/
  In the Intellivision emulator window
  Dingoo Intellivision
  A KP1
  Y A-T
  X A-L
  B A-R
  Up D-N
  Down D-S
  Left D-W
  Right D-E
  LTrigger RESET
  RTrigger KPE
  Press Select to enter in emulator main menu.
  Press Start open/close the On-Screen keyboard
  In the main menu
  R Trigger Reset the Intellivision console
  Y Go Up directory
  X Valid
  B Valid
  A Go Back to the emulator window
  The On-Screen Keyboard of "Danzel" and "Jeff Chen"
  Use the stick to choose one of the 9 squares, and
  use A, B, X, Y to choose one of the 4 letters
  of the highlighted square.
  Use LTrigger and RTrigger to see other 9 squares
  If you want to load rom image in your emulator, you have to put your rom file
  (with .zip, .rom, .int, .itv or .bin file extension) on your GP2X SD memory
  in the 'rom' directory.
  Then, while inside Jzintv emulator, just press SELECT to enter in
  the emulator main menu, and then using the file selector choose one
  rom file to load in your emulator.
  Back to the emulator window, the rom should stard automatically.
  For given games, the default keyboard mapping between GP2X Keys and
  Intellivision keys, is not suitable, and the game can't be played on Jzintv.
  To overcome the issue, you can write your own mapping file. Using notepad for
  example you can edit a file with the .kbd extension and put it in the kbd
  For the exact syntax of those mapping files, have a look on sample files already
  presents in the kbd directory (default.kbd etc ...).
  After writting such keyboard mapping file, you can load them using the main menu
  inside the emulator.
  If the keyboard filename is the same as the rom filename (.zip etc ...)
  then when you load this rom, the corresponding keyboard file is automatically
  loaded !
  You can now use the Keyboard menu and edit, load and save your
  keyboard mapping files inside the emulator. The Save option save the .kbd
  file in the kbd directory using the "Game Name" as filename. The game name
  is displayed on the right corner in the emulator menu.
  It has been developped under Linux using gcc with Dingux SDK.
  To rebuild the homebrew run the Makefile in the src archive.

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That's good news.  Try the following in a .kbd file for Night Stalker as a test.  I'm not sure which buttons are which so you might have to change the button numbers.  Also note you can't map buttons to an analog stick so the keypad has to be mapped to buttons or the dpad.


Map 0

JS0_BTN_02 PD0L_KP2 ; X

JS0_BTN_03 PD0L_KP4 ; Y

JS0_BTN_00 PD0L_KP6 ; A

JS0_BTN_01 PD0L_KP8 ; B

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