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GUIntv.app "enhancement" (plus "run from file")

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hi folks,

yes, i'm still alive.

after a big loss of data and a big loss of blood.


while i still recover from a surgery i used the time to fiddle around with the new jzintv osx release resp. GUIintv.



following is only relevant for OSX



quickly i grabbed out my icons and attached them to the rom images, resulting in a nice looking GUIintv




to attach the icons to the files folders and aliases i used "fasticns"



(i used the intellicart rom format to keep the rom folder clean)


additionally i attached a icon to jzintv though it displays a symbol when it's runnig




but i'm not very satisfied with the limited flexibility of GUIintv,

thus i created some batch files to start the games in a neat folder showing large icons to identify the games.


i named the whole tard "MyIntellivision" and it looks like this,




it's very comfortable to start a game and the batch files can be easy edited with any hex editor.

it was quite a work to create all the batch files for almost all available rom images.


thus i decided to share this special jzintv installation.

the most flags are set in "run_a" which executes jzintv

the rom images path and and few flags are set in the game specific batch files


the attached zip file contains everything to run jzintv out of the box IF IT'S EXTRACTED TO APPLICATIONS

(as well as the complete jzintv, miniexec, minigrom, miniecs and a couple of PD rom images, documentations)

i hope i didn't infringed any copyrights.




when uncompressing this folder or included compressed folders make sure you don't clean off mac specific system files, else the attached icons get lost


this is what you should see when you open the alias "INTY"


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for those who miss the hand controller icon




(the hand controller demo becomes handy when editing akeyhack.txt,

besides the icons are win32 icons but you can use them like any image with fasticns)

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to answer your question intvsteve,


i expect all which are supported by jzintv osx release


the rest is just folders and some batch files, simple executables which should run on any osx version

they equal to the command string you would use in the terminal



Applications/JZIntv/jzintv -p applications/jzintv/rom -z960x600,8 -f0 -a44100 --kbdhackfile=applications/jzintv/keyhack.txt --js0="xaxis=0,yaxis=1,noac,push=20,rels=10,xrng=-49:50,yrng=-49:50,16dir" --js1a="noac,8dir" -q "$1" "$2" "$3" "$4" "$5"

and i.e. to run 4-tris:

applications/jzintv/run_a 4-tris

if you would start 4-tris from the folder "jzintv" in "applications" and jzintv would stay in this folder as extracted,

assuming the rom images are present in "rom" a simple string in the terminal would look like this

applications/jzIntv/bin/jzintv -p applications/jzintv/rom -z960x600,8 4-tris

i guess this will work for any osx


run_a can and the game batch files be edited with a hex editor i.e. to set a different resolution, the flags are documented internally in jzintv


in usage.pdf inside the doc folder of "inty"

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another thing you need to run jzintv is

sdl 1.2


"Copy the SDL.framework to /Library/Frameworks"

in my case this was library in the system drive


i stumbled over this missing library myself and it prevented me from running jzintv osx,

leaving me in the dark by replying no error in the console (to quick to recognize).


it would be fair to note the fact that you need sdl to run jzintv.

in the early pioneer releases we depended even on sdl and provided the contents with the game after some couldn't follow the link in the readme

(myself as example when i downloaded and liked to play it for the first time, who ever had interest in readme files?).

Edited by Gernot

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