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TI PE cards to sell as a whole

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Hello Everyone,


As you all know or may have found out I am slowly but surely trying to sell off my TI inventory.. First I am going to start with the cards I have for the PE BOX. I prefer to sell everything all at once as the cards are a mix of TI, Corcomp, and Myarc.


The following I have in reference to TI cards:


TI RS232 = 4

TI Disk Controller(steel, cream, and plastic) = 4

TI 32K cards: = 4

TI PCODE card = 1

TI Flex Cable Cards = 3, one in the PE Box currently.




3 Myarc Disk Controllers, two od which are 80 track

Myarc Memory card 512k

2 Myarc RS232 cards




1 32 k card.


PGRAM+ Card.


I don't want to use ebay to sell this because of the dreaded seller fees, but given the extreme rarity of the Myarc Cards I am willing to let the whole set(ti, Myarc, corcomp) go for 1500.00. I also have 3 PE Boxes one of which is full of cards. In addition, I have one TI Monitor, a few consoles(black and cream), I think two boxes of TI carts, Many TI books, Gram Kracker which may need new batteries, otherwise still works.


I haven't priced anything individually, as I am looking to get rid of everything for 3000.00. I am losing interest in the machine itself and I don't have time to use it anymore. I was able to accumulate a lot during the past 15-20 years and now I am not able to continue using the machine.


Please make offer or contact me for more information via email and also given this is a large lot, I am open to phone calls also.


Thank you




I can also provide pics.

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I get the idea, that they are in Romania, but that is conjecture at this point,


His avatar is the flag of the Ukraine...

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I think you will get more than enough extra to make up for the dreaded ebay seller fees if you let us battle it out on ebay.



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.... and some people might feel better about purchasing if they had some level of purchase protection, which is provided with the Ebay/PayPal route. People have been 'burnt' before, so in this day and age people can get a little squeamish ordering something from a low-count poster with little track record. Nothing personal, just the sad fact of life these days.

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Hi Everyone.. Since I am new at this - as far as selling TI 99 items on Ebay. Sold a couple of times a Mac Pro and Mac PowerPC stuff with no issues.. Rest assured, if there ever is a problem I will take care of it, but all the equipment I have has been fully tested and it works flawlessly. Let me know if any of you need the following: Really, I'd rather sell this openly to TI members here because I know it will go to a good home.. Here is the updated list.. Also revised the auction at a starting bid of 300.00 - 300.00 also includes the P-CODE card and all the cards shown.. At first I did a buy it now for like 850 then lowered it to 750.. finally, I just stopped the buy it now and its now a bid point of 300.00.. Here is the auction and other stuff of interest. Its really sad I have to let this all go, but bills and finances are killing me. I am an Orthodox Christian and a believer in Christ and need all the prayer I can get.


God bless you all !!!


Below, are also other times of interest.. Haven't priced them yet, but you all tell me what you are willing to pay for and we can compromise. Ukrainians are good at compromises.. DON'T BELIEVE THE HYPE about that, what you hear regarding Ukrainians.


Really, I'd like to sell all of this as a bulk lot as I have 3 PEB's, one of which is loaded with some of the cards mentioned below. I have disks of software and also original disk software from the TI Baltimore User's Group going back to 1985. The disks work very well.





Hello everyone,

To clear out my inventory of TI Cards, I am listing as a lot the TI cards that are in my collection. Check it out at: https://www.ebay.com/itm/132399654708?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649

I simply don't need all these cards and would rather see them go to someone who needs backups and also as a bonus there is PCODE card in the lot as well. The would make a nice set of backup cards for those who still use their system,

Other items for sale I have include the following:

1 Myarc 80 Trk disk controller (already in a PE box)

1 Myarc HFDC with manual

1 Myarc Disk Controller 40 track only(for some reason, its only 40 track and I don't know why as it was not my card).

2 Myarc RS232 Cards.

1. Corcomp 32K card

1 Myarc 512k memory card - Yes, I have XBII on disk for use with granulator, gram Kracker, and PGRAM+ Card.

I also have a lot of software on disks both 3.5 and 5.25.

I haven't come up with pricing yet for the Myarc cards, as some are very rare and hard to find. But at this point I am seeing if anyone is interested in these things, as I have no interest in keeping my 99/4a system at this point.

Hope everyone is having a super day.


P.S. I am now in the USA.. but I do love my nation a lot and I pray to God each day that Ukraine will be free from Russian influence. God Bless Ukraine and USA :)

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: ;-) ;-) ;-)

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