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Looking to trade my ColecoVision and Intellivision collection

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Im looking to trade my current collection for another setup/system. I dont really use my ColecoVision and intellivison anymore. Can sell trade both systems together or separate for the right trade. Everything still works and my intellivision is actually moded! It has RCA output and a new reset switch. Cleaned inside and out! My lot would include the power supply and tv cords of course and the system games in the pictures attached. (Intellivison with intellivison games, same goes with ColecoVision with ColecoVision games). If you have any questions feel free to ask. The boxes for the games are all over the board, some in good condition others not so much. If you want to know about a particular game, just pm me and ask!

Of course everything is negotiable but Im really looking to trade. Not sell/or individual games!


What Im looking for/asking for:

-PlayStation VR/setup. (Headset/camera, etc) this is kind of what I want the most.

-A good Atari Jaguar setup (console/games etc)

-A 3DS setup (system/games) Im really looking for Pokémon games with the system so if you have any it would be a huge plus!

-Sega Master System setup?





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Which system has the Audio/Video ports? I cannot tell what system that is in the very first picture. And depending on what it is, how much you looking to sell the system for?

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