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This is my first game and I'm making pretty slow progress on it. The gameplay code is not currently playable, but I'm pleased with how the title screen is looking now. Please check it out if you have time. It's a pretty straightforward DPC+ kernel. I'm using the 4K RAM as buffers and copying everything over from ROM. Because the fast fetching makes it so easy to load all the registers every scanline, I'm really not using any sophisticated tricks. Pure TIA audio with my own 6502 driver lets me reuse envelopes and melody timing, pretty compact music memory.


This title screen demo uses both flashing and shaking effects. It looks best on real hardware or with relatively high phosphor effects (75 on Stella). Enjoy my humble little project; I will hopefully be able to release a gameplay demo when I finish my major refactoring.


Hell Escape (Title Screen).bin

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Awesome, nice to see DPC+ being used without bB :)


Minor issue - you're only outputting 254 scanlines, should bump that up to 262 for best compatibility. To see this info in Stella hit the Developer Key COMMAND-L on a Mac, or ALT-L on Linux & Windows.





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Ah-ha, thanks Darrell, will fix it for sure! I need to use Stella's debugging capabilities a bit better. And thanks again for your tutorials, super helpful.

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