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Atarimania like homebrew archive?

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Coming late to the party.


I think the best path is to accept ALL homebrew ROMs, no matter how crappy or how far from being produced they are - but making it easy to classify the various levels, something like

full homebrew release

limited at a show

vanity released (< 5 copies made)

binary only


And to be honest, probably another category of quality and tools used - Virtuoso-level Assembly, Regular Assembly, High-Level Batari BASIC, Vanaila Batari BASIC


Also I'm not sure if a wiki is the best bet, because it's harder to curate and make sure people are following the rules. A much better model is AtariAge's rarity guide, with dedicated fields for ROMS and screenshots and metadata. Maybe each entry could have a wiki-like page associated with it though. (Or let me know if I'm underestimating how "enforced" a wiki can be)




I agree with this. I don't think there should be a minimum standard for which games to log down.


I also agree that the categories should be objective and factual, and not normative or evaluative.


I can put some time into data entry. Perhaps we should just ask everyone here to offer up some proposals on what the categories of specification should be?


I also don't mind a pluralistic approach to categories. Like CoolCrab says, you can have overlapping and intersecting categories of any categorisation. Such an approach would make the wiki easy to interpret from multiple different perspectives.

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