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Found a speech synthesizer at the flea market

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I was tired and ready to go home but I decided to walk down one more aisle. One of the vendors had a "store" and also a table outside the store in the hallway with a bunch of random stuff. There it was a shiny silver speech synthesizer for the TI. I had a TI as a kid and it was our family's first computer. This is where I learned to program and it's my career today so I owe a lot to that system. So I had to have it. A few months ago I bought a cherry TI 99 4/A CIB and a SD rom cartridge but I never got the synthesizer. So I pick it up and marvel at my find. The seller walks out onto the floor and say, "five dollars and it's yours". He didn't realize it would cost him my story as well. So I told him what it was and what it meant to me and gladly paid my five dollars.


I haven't tested it yet. More to come Saturday.

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