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classicrock909s video game sale. ps3,360,xbox,gamecube & more

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clearing out some of my random video games. all prices are firm. min of 2 games per sale to save on shipping material. shipping paid for by buyer.


$5 StarCraft 2 Legacy of the void

ps3: *complete*

$10 Wet

$8 Alien Isolation Nostromo Edition

$8 Mortal Kombat Komplete Edition

$5 Heavenly Sword *missing booklet*

$5 The Last of us

$5 Assassins creed black flag

$3 Front Mission Evolved

$3 Saints row IV *redbox sticker on disc*

$3 Brutal Legend

$3 Call of duty Modern Warfare 2

$3 Call of duty Modern Warfare 3

$3 Two Worlds 2

$3 Max Payne 3

$3 Assassins creed 2

$3 Fifa Soccer 12

$3 Fifa Soccer 10

$1 Singstar


$3 Call of duty black ops 2

$3 Final Fantasy XIII

$3 Army of Two

$3 Eat lead the return of mat hazzard

$3 Dark Void

$2 Tiger woods 08

$2 Nba 2k9

Xbox 360 *disc only, most have some jagoffs name on it. looks like it would clean off easy.* *in paper cd sleeves*

$3 each

The Bureau Xcom Declassified *complete*

Hitman Absolution *disc only*

Elder Scrolls V Skyrim

Ghost recon future soldier

Halo Reach

Frontlines fuel of war

Battlefeild bad company 2

Assassins creed

Assassins creed 2

Assassins creed 3

Assassins creed Brotherhood

Assassins creed Black flag

Assassins creed Revelations

Dark Sector

Battlefield 4

Air Conflicts Secret war

Halo 4

Crysis 2

Crysis 3 Hunter edition

Mercenaries 2 World in flames

The Crew

Mortal Kombat vs dc universe

The outfit


$3 Bleach Shattered Blade *missing booklet*

$2 Wii play *complete*

$2 Glacier 3 the meltdown *disc only*

$2 Samurai Warriors Katana *disc only*

$2 Samba de amigo *disc only*

$2 Cranium Kabookii *disc only*

Xbox *complete*


Gamecube *complete unless noted*

$3 Hulk *missing booklet*


$2 World Championship poker Howard lederer's dvd edition *complete*

$2 Tiger woods 2003 *complete*

$2 Ghost recon *missing booklet*

4k Movie:

$4 The Divergent Series: Allegiant *4k disc and case only*

Bluray Movies *blu ray only. no dvds or digitals* *with case*

$3 Sausage party

$3 American history x

$3 Star wars The force awakens

$3 Dirty grandpa Unrated

$3 SpongeBob Sponge out of water

$3 The Smurfs

$3 The Internship Unrated

$3 007 Skyfall

$3 Money for nothing *new sealed*

$2 The Goonies *artwork is beat up*

Bluray Movies Disc only

$3 The Revenant

$3 Deadpool

$3 The Divergent Series: Allegiant

$2 2Guns

$2 Hit & Run

$2 Harry Potter and the sorcers stone

$2 Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets

$2 Harry Potter and the order of the phoenix

$2 Twilight Breaking dawn part 2

$2 The Incredible burt wonderstone

$2 The Lone Ranger

$2 Corpse Bride

Tv Seasons DVD: *complete*

$3 Family Guy Volume 4

$3 Family Guy Volume 1 Seasons 1 & 2

$3 South Park The COmplete 3rd season

$3 Ugly Betty The Bettyfied Edition season 1

$3 Sleepy Hollow Season 1

$3 How i met your mother season 3

$3 Cougar Town season 1

$2 The Office All season *has the uk & us version* 17 discs 1st season of bolth. there are scratches on some the discs untested

Dvds: with case

$4 How to train your dragon 2 *sealed*

$4 Ice Age continental drift *sealed*

$3 Happy Feet *sealed*

$2 WWE No Way Out 2004 *Eddie vs Brock for the title*

$2 WWE TLC 2009

$2 WWE DOuble Feature Twist of fate & Shawn Michaels story

$2 Mary Poppins 40th Anniversary Edition

$2 Coming to america *sealed*

$2 Scary Movie 4 Unrated *sealed*

$2 Stone Angel *sealed*

$2 American Pie 4 Play Pack *band camp,naked mile,beta house,book of love*

$2 Wild Hogs *sealed*

$1 New York Doll

$1 Jackass #2 Unrated

$1 Austin Powers Goldmember

$1 Saw

$1 Saw 2

$1 My Cousin Vinny

$1 Veggie Tales The Star of Christmas

$1 Call'n Bears - They Come to Eat! Hunters Specialties

$1 Dragons world a fantasy made real

$1 Grudge 2

Dvds Disc Only: $0.75 Each

Hit & Run

Crazy in Alabama

Jerry Maguire

The Virgin Suicides

The Guardian

Dantes Peak

Cant Hardly Wait

Smokey And the bandit part 3

Four Christmases

The Nutty Professor

The Mother Hips Beauty rock live at the catalyst


Hot Boyz

The incredible burt wonderstone

Rocky Bullwinkle/ Josie and the pussy cats double disc

Mchale's navy/ Thunderbirds DOuble Disc
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