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Atari 2600 Jr Hardware Trouble Shooting

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Good day to you all!


I've been pretty successful in modding old PAL 2600 Junior Consoles to Composite Output.

But now I stumbled upon 1 (2 in fact) very stubborn one.


I would be glad if you guys could help me troubleshoot this, and lend me some advice on how to find out what is broken.


I already checked the usual stuff like power and power supply. It has 9v power and the led is also shining brightly red.

The only problem is, there is no video output from it.


It is the board revision F.1.1 (the other one is Rev F).

There are no visible damaged components or capacitors so I am all out of ideas.

I already made the Composite mod, to quickly check if there is any video output and the parts of the mod are all okay and working correctly,

as I tested it on another console successfully.


The strange thing is, R28 had a capacitor soldered onto the same pins as the resistor itself.

I desoldered it and tried it again with no success. It looked like the one on C12 (yellow blob).


So, to get to the point, is there anything I can check to find out what is wrong?

I own a multimeter and all the tools necessary except for a logic analyzer or an oscilloscope.


I would be endlessly glad if you could help me get to the root of this by any means, so I can gift another old console for Christmas.


Thank you and best regards/great holidays.


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