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Wanted: Atari flashback controller port

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Hi all,


This is my first post here, but been lurking and taking in all the useful advice re atari!


I'm looking for one of the black plastic controller ports thats soldered on to the pcb of an atari flashback 3-7. Can anyone help me please?


I currently have one good and one melted one, that I accidently destroyed whilst trying to remove for a raspberry pi project.


Any help greatly appreciated!

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arent they just normal db9 ports?


I haven't opened a flashback model 3-7 but there are different ones in general. I have long ones and short ones. The atari 2600 takes the longer style, not sure what those flashback models take. I have each but I have the metal type. I did just recently finish a sega flashback mod in which I used the ports off the Genesis 3 so I no longer need the two plastic ports off the flashback, which are the shorter ones. So if you need the shorter ones I have the plastic ones. I may have plastic longer ones(atari 2600 style) but I'd have to check. I'm gonna try to do an image search to determine which ones they take.

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Just got done doing an image search. The casing looks different from the 2600 and the Atari Flashback 2 which is the longer style but the length as far as I can tell looks about so it may work. I don't have any plastic ones however.


Here is the difference


Atari flashback 2 same as 2600 type







And here is the flashback 3













It is kinda hard to tell by the pic but it looks like other than different design they also may be longer.

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