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Space Attack for Arcadia 2001 High Score Club: Season 1, Round 2

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As of today, December 22, 2017, the first season of the Arcadia High Score Club is wrapping up. The first two rounds were played on the Arcadia Yahoo Group. During season 3 of the Arcadia HSC, the rules were posted to both the Atari Age forums and the Yahoo group. The current round (round 7) gives everyone a chance to catch-up on games they haven't played yet or games that they would like to play again for a higher score. Here is a link to the catch-up round rules:


It has become important for non-Yahoo group members to be able to see the rules for the first two rounds, so I'm posting them again here on the AtariAge forums. The following rules for the second round's game, Space Attack, were originally posted on October 10, 2017 to the Yahoo group. If you're a Yahoo groups member, then you can read the rules here:


Here is the original post:

Season 1, Round 2 of the Arcadia 2001/MPT-03 High Score Club will last about two weeks rather than one week, as I'm going to try to get some players from the AtariAge forums to play along with us. This round ends on Sunday, October 22, 2017 at 10pm MST (aka Monday, 2am GMT).

The game being played this round is Emerson's cartridge #2, Space Attack, a "slide and shoot" game, similar to Galaxian.

Here is a screenshot of Space Attack being played on my NTSC Emerson Arcadia console:



Here is the box for Space Attack:



Here is the cartridge for the Emerson version of Space Attack:



Space Attack - Quick-Play Rules

When Space Attack begins, your ship ("missile launcher") appears off-screen on the right-side. This is a weird quirk of this game and is normal. You can't play until you move your ship left onto the screen; be careful not to move left and run right into an enemy or their missiles.

Play Space Attack for high score on real hardware (PAL, NTSC, and any Arcadia family systems) or use the WinArcadia or MAME emulator. If you're using WinArcadia for emulation to play this Space Attack, then I recommend turning off the extra graphics that give the game additional stars. To do that, choose Options > Graphics and then uncheck "Enhance Skies."

Visit the Emerson Arcadia 2001 Central website for cartridge images and Arcadia emulators:


Here is a direct link to the Arcadia 2001 ROM images ("SpaceAttack-A.bin" is the filename for Space Attack):


Post pictures of your high scores here. There are no options for this game, so everyone will automatically be playing by the same rules. Use the right-hand controller to play the game. The fire button shoots your missile. You can "freeze" (pause) the game by pressing the left-hand column of keys. You can "un-freeze" the game by pressing the right-hand column.

Space Attack - General Overview

I'm using Ward Shrake's "Director's Cut" of his Arcadia 2001 section of the Digital Press Collector's Guide 7 (published in August 2002) for most of the information that is in this section.

Space Attack. Emerson. Confirmed. 4k cart. 1982. #1013 (2). Unauthorized clone of the arcade game "Galaxian". One player game; uses right side controller. Long cartridge. Game by "UA Limited. Emerson family labels depict unlicensed spacecraft from the "Star Wars" series of movies: a "Snow Speeder" and the " Millennium Falcon".

Ward's guess is that this game was likely the second game the console's makers intended to release at launch time, to help to sell the global public on their new game console. Reviewed by Electronic Games magazine in November 1982; see the time line FAQ for the full text of that article. There is also a June 1982 article from a U.K.-based magazine there. That article openly used the name Galaxian when saying they intended to make a clone. A hidden ASCII message found inside the ROM code of this game: "To my wife Daisy and my son Jonathan From Choi Andrew Jul 1982 Galax.002". This is interesting on a number of levels. The date is barely one year after this same person put a message in the Interton VC-4000 game "Shoot Out," dated March of 1981. This may show that there was a big rush to get the initial Arcadia 2001 games all finished up. The "Galax.002" name is pretty obviously a reference to the arcade game Galaxian.

Space Attack - Manual

High quality scans of Space Attack box, manual, and cartridge are here:


(I don't think that there is an overlay for this game; it certainly doesn't need one.)

For complete information about this game, visit the above link. I've included the important points form the manual here:

What Space Attack is All About

The goal is to score as many points as possible. Points are gained by shooting down the invading enemy space ships with your missiles. The enemy space ships will fire rockets back at your missile launchers which you must avoid. Watch out for enemy space ships that will try to crash into your missile launcher.

On the bottom-left side of the screen is located a fuel gauge to indicate the fuel of the missile in combat. When the gauge is indicating empty, a warning signal is heard. If the missile launcher continues fighting when the gauge indicates empty, the missile launcher explodes and the next one continues the combat.

The number that is located on the bottom right side of the screen indicate the group of attackers, after group 1 is eliminated the second group of attacker appears on the screen and the number change to 2. The firing from the enemy space ships will be more and more intensive as the group number becomes greater.

How to Play Space Attack

This is a one player game which uses the RIGHT Hand Controller.

Press "START." The enemy space ships will move and fire rockets at your missile launcher. Some of the enemy space ships will fly directly at your missile launcher. Avoid the incoming rockets and the enemy spaceships by moving your missile launcher to the left or right, using the disc or joystick control.

Fire your missiles at the enemy spaceships by pressing the Action button on the side of your controller or keyboard buttons at middle column. The missile launcher will be eliminated when a missile hits it, or when it collides with a space ship. Another missile launcher will automatically appear. You start with three missile launchers. The missile launchers you have left are shown at the bottom-right corner. The game ends when all your missile launchers are destroyed.

When your missiles have shot down all the enemy spaceships, a new squadron of spaceships appears and you continue to shoot them down. You receive an extra missile launcher as a bonus if you reach 5,000 points.

Scoring Summary

In formation In Flight
1st Row 2 Ships 60 points 200 points
2nd Row 5 Ships 50 points 100 points
3rd Row 7 Ships 40 points 80 points
4th Row 9 Ships 30 points 60 points
5th Row 9 Ships 30 points 60 points
6th Row 9 Ships 30 points 60 points

If the final score is the highest achieved it will be automatically transferred to the upper-right side score when the "START" button is pressed for a new game. If it is not the highest score it will disappear. You will erase the Hi score if you push either the "RESET" or "POWER" buttons.

You may enjoy demonstration mode by pressing the "Select" push button until the bottom/right side of the screen appears D1. Then the demonstration mode will begin automatically.

Space Attack Gameplay Options

There are no gameplay options for this game. Simply turn the game on and start to play it. That's easy enough, right?

Space Attack (Scoring)

We are playing for the highest score. 10 points are awarded for first place, 9 for second, 8 for third, etc.

Bonus Points

There are a few ways to earn bonus points:

Space Attack - Video Review - (1 Point) - Although I found examples of gameplay footage for this cartridge, I couldn't find any reviews. Anyone who makes a video review of Space Attack will get a bonus point.

Space Attack - Documenting Bugs - (1 Point) - Arcadia games can be flaky. If anyone find any problems, and documents them, then you'll earn one bonus point. Just in case there are dozens of bugs, you can only earn one bonus point no matter how matter bugs are found.

Space Attack - Backstory - (1 Point) - I can't believe that Space Attack doesn't have any backstory at all. Anyone who writes a storyline for this game will get a bonus point. Are you a human on a mission to save Earth, or an alien on a mission to destroy it? Are you a lost pilot trying to find your way home, or... well, use your imagination and entertain us all!

Summary of this Round

As you play Space Attack, your energy level depletes pretty quickly. I've not played this game much yet, but from what I've played so far, I have not been able to complete a level without blowing up when my ship runs out of energy. I really don't like this feature of the game. Is there a way to gain energy, or to lose it more slowly?

The first round of the Arcadia HSC was an experiment. We had six players, which was better than I expected. Can we get more people to compete this time? If you know of anyone who might like to compete in this round, then please let them know to stop by and play with us. I asked Albert on AtariAge if he'd start an Arcadia HSC forum, but I have not heard back for a week [or now, in late December]. Even if I don't hear back from him, then I'm going to just post the HSC rules for round two in the general classic gaming section in a couple of days.

As always, as you play Space Attack, post pictures of your scores as the round progresses. You don't have to be a great game player (or even a good one) to participate; this is just a fun way to get us to play our Arcadia/MPT-03 game consoles-- which is what they're for, right?

If you've not played in a round before, then now's the time to join in! Have a fun second round, everyone... and blast those baddies!


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Originally posted by markwcanon to the arcadia2001consoles Yahoo group on October 13, 2017:

I played space attack on Monday and Wednesday nights. Now some more today and beat my previous scores from those 2 days.


I got 8960 so far.



It's definitely harder than galaxian with the fuel meter but this is also neat as it makes it feel more like it's own game.


A couple bugs I have seen are that it seems it sometimes takes 2 to 3 shots to kill an enemy....I think this mostly is due to shooting them right as they shoot a Bullet before you can even see them release it.


But I also have noticed this happen with the enemies still in formation....so not sure on that.


I have also seen my bullets kill more than 1 alien with 1 shot....seems like that would be a glitch?
Anyway fun game....I always loved galaxian and gyruss and space invaders, so it's a genre I like.


Hope some more people play and try to beat me!!!!


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I originally posted this to the arcadia2001consoles Yahoo group on October 17, 2017:

I got 8960 so far.


Nice score, Mark. It took me quite a few games to beat it-- and I've only managed to "best" it by a couple of hundred points. I'll post that score in another post today.

It's definitely harder than galaxian with the fuel meter but this is also neat as it makes it feel more like it's own game.


The fuel meter ruins this game. I've timed the meter, and it lasts about 47 seconds. Presuming that you don't earn an extra life, and don't clear a wave with each ship, then a maximum game lasts 2:21 minutes.

A couple bugs I have seen are that it seems it sometimes takes 2 to 3 shots to kill an enemy....I think this mostly is due to shooting them right as they shoot a Bullet before you can even see them release it.


Yes, I believe you're right, shooting an enemy as they fire doesn't kill them. However, I still consider this a bug, as you can't actually see the alien's shots, so this is quite deceptive.

I also have noticed this happen with the enemies still in formation....so not sure on that.

I've not seen this while they're in formation, but I have had my shots pass right through aliens in formation on many occasions.

I have also seen my bullets kill more than 1 alien with 1 shot....seems like that would be a glitch?

I've also destroyed more than one alien with one shot. For me, I think, that this has only happened when they're in formation. It's hard to tell for sure though, as it's difficult to pay attention to that and also avoid being hit by a baddie.

Anyway fun game....I always loved galaxian and gyruss and space invaders, so it's a genre I like.

I like the "slide and shoot" genre too, but Space Attack's time limit imposed by the energy bar is brutal on the player in this game. Like many Arcadia 2001 games, I really don't think that these games were play-tested very much.

Hope some more people play and try to beat me!!!!

Yes, let's all pitch in and beat Mark, for I know he'll best my score-- and I don't want to be in last place.


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I originally posted this to the arcadia2001consoles Yahoo group on October 17, 2017 as message #2591).

I played Space Attack today for two reasons: to try my best to get a high score and to observe the game to see how it works. Here's my high score (with gameplay observations following it):

Space Attack - 9,120 - Wave 4 (Real NTSC Emerson Arcadia 2001)




I managed to make it to wave 4 and only had one ship left onscreen when I died from running out of fuel.

Space Attack Play Observations

In Space Attack, there are 50 aliens per level (board). Each player ship's fuel gauge lasts about 47 seconds (it makes no difference if you're firing shots or moving around). If you fire repeatedly, then you can fire about 65 shots off before your fuel runs out. However, that's only if you constantly fire, it doesn't take into consideration aiming, which slows down your ability to shoot quickly. If you aim very carefully, then it is possible to finish a board without dying, but I've only managed to do this once, and I had only a second or two left before my fuel ran out. Luckily, when you start a new level, your fuel is filled.

The fuel gauge is made up of eight segments. Using a stop watch (yes, I'm a nerd!), I saw that the first segment of the gauge lasts about 16 seconds, but each of the seven remaining fuel seven segments last about 4.25 seconds each. That's 46.75 seconds. When you are down to two fuel segments left on-screen, then you get a warning sound that begins to beep; once you hear the beeping, then you have about 8 seconds left before your ship explodes.

As I've mentioned before, the fuel gauge ruins this game. Your fuel lasts about 47 seconds. If you don't earn an extra life at 5,000 points, and don't clear a wave with each ship, then a maximum game lasts 2:21 minutes.

If only one enemy ship is left on the screen and you die, then you still complete the level. This doesn't make any sense to me. Is this normal, or a bug?

I've destroyed more than one enemy shit with one shot. I think that this has only happened when they're in formation, but it's hard to tell for sure.

When only one enemy ship is left on the screen, the game gets significant slowdown. This happens on real hardware, no matter which level I'm playing, every time there was just one alien left on the screen. It makes firing and moving your ship jittery. Does this happen on PAL systems?

Shots sometimes pass right through an enemy ship without destroying it when the aliens are in formation. I've not seen this happen to aliens once they leave their formation, unless you count "missing" a ship that you fire at because it fires at you at the same time (colliding player and enemy ship's shots destroy each other).

As the manual says, the aliens move and shoot faster on each level. But, for me, the game is nearly too fast by level four. Maybe I just need to get used to it.

Does anyone else have Space Attack gameplay observations?


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I originally posted this to the arcadia2001consoles Yahoo group on October 17, 2017 as message #2595) as "The Way to Play Space Attack!"

Now that I'm playing the correct version of Space Attack (version A) using the WinArcadia emulator, I'm having a blast! I'm also spoiled as I'm using my Edladdin Supreme 78 All-Play 4/8 joystick to play the game. What, you've never heard of this fantastic arcade-style, arcade-quality controller? Then you need to check out these two review videos:


I sure wish there was a way to hook-up an Atari 2600 controller to the Arcadia!


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I originally posted this to the arcadia2001consoles Yahoo group on October 18, 2017 as message #2596):

Space Attack Backstory
October 18, 2017
By Adam Trionfo

I've been playing Space Attack on the Arcadia 2001 for season 1, round 2 of the Arcadia High Score Club. One of the bonus points that can be earned is creating a backstory for the current game. I wrote one this morning and I'm including it here. The backstory is followed by a short explanation on how it came to be created. Enjoy!


The perfectly white outline of the asteroid heads straight for you. This one is small and it's flying fast; you can't turn your ship quickly enough to shoot it into the blackness of space. You have no choice. You take your chances and do the unthinkable: you press the hyperspace button. You don't know where you'll end up, but it must be better than the death which was coming your way. You watch outside your ship as the sharp black and white contrast of your world fades away...

... You've heard from other pilots that the "coming back" from a hyperspace jump can he nauseating. You don't feel sick as you begin to come to your senses, but you do feel different. You've heard the experience described as having every atom in your body fired from a canon straight through a screen that separates every molecule of your body. It's not the flying apart that hurts, it's the coming back together. And, damn, if those crazy hyperspace-using pilots weren't right. You feel like shit. Not only do you feel awful, but something has happened to your eyesight. The world that you know, constructed of white lines connected to evermore white lines built upon an empty universe, is gone. That's not right. It's not "gone," it's just different. Your world, as presented to you by your own eyes, has been altered. It's not worse. It's not better. It's just changed. You have no previous experiences to help you understand what you're seeing.

Over the years, you have heard many tales from the pilots who have returned from hyperspace, but you've never heard a story like what is happening to you. Instead of the world consisting of interconnected lines, your vision is giving you something else altogether. You see something, but you know not what it is that you're witness to here after your return from hyperspace. You're still in space, for there is darkness all around you, and that's a comfort. That's the only thing that you can relate to right now: space. The sharpness that you've seen your entire life has been blurred. The contrast has been turned up too far, lines have turned into, well, something else.

To express it in words, you think back to your college days when the instructor vectored a square, overlapped by another square and connected it at 30 degree angles by four lines. He called this object a "cube." This cube existed in a theorized world made up of an extra dimension. This would be the third dimension. As a student you really didn't understand this theory, and you still don't, but it's clear to you that what you're seeing now has some basis in what you saw then. Except, that's not exactly right; there is far more to this hyperspace-induced mirage than an added dimension.

Your own ship has changed too: your console, your seat, your vector display. It's all different. That's when you have the most intense shock of all. You look at your hand. Instead of being made up of millions of small white lines, it's made up of, well, no lines at all. That's impossible, of course. The entire universe is made up of points and lines. What else is there? Can you trust your own eyes? Is what you're seeing real? What the hell happened to you while you were in that infinitely small hiccup in time called hyperspace?

You see and think all this in seconds. You feel as though your mind is working faster than it ever has before. So fast, in fact, that as soon as you notice the strangely shaped objects on your view screen, you somehow know that these are three-dimensional ships. They're lined up in several sections to create one formation made up of seven rows. They're working their way toward you. You can tell, just as the pilots of those ships can tell, that you don't belong here. Not in this universe. Somehow, you've slipped from one dimension to another and these ships are here to stop you. They're not planning to return you to where you're from; they are just going to destroy you. To them, you're a cancer. That don't understand you and you don't understand them. Just as you can't explain it, they also don't know how you got here. They don't know why. They don't care.

Alien ships begin to leave the formation and dive toward you. That's when you look down and see the warning light flashing on and off. You're hyperdrive engine is locked up and it's overheating your fuel. A bar graph shows you how much time you left before your ship explodes. The scale on the graph tells you that you have 47 seconds before you're no more. You sense that these ships are going to try to give you even less time than that. If you want to live more than that mere 47 seconds, then you must clear a way to escape your ship, but to do that, you'll have to destroy those ships that are coming in your direction. They've already begun firing on you. You must defend yourself if you want to live.

Your ship-tracking system shows that there are fifty total ships, two of which are moving toward you in a strange semi-predictable zig-zag pattern. You don't have time to think, only to react. Luckily, you've been trained to act quickly. And you have one major advantage, for you're used to shooting asteroids which break up into ever small pieces, which also must be destroyed. These ships explode into nothingness with one pulse from your laser (not even debris is left behind). In this universe your ship's laser canon seems to be far more powerful. As you fire your first shot, you asked yourself, "Are forty-seven seconds enough time to destroy fifty ships?" And if it is, then what will you do afterward? You tighten your grip on your joystick and begin firing as quickly as you can manage it.

As the number of ships begins to dwindle ever-closer to nothing, you hear a warning sound. You're just eight seconds away from your ship exploding. Your next shot takes out one of the last two ships. And then, something strange happens; the beeping begins to slow down. Your canon fires slower. You're moving slower. But it's not just you. The last ship is moving slower too. Something is not right here. Something is happening. You feel almost as though you're re-entering a hyperspace fold as you see the final alien vanish before your eyes. The beeping stops and...

... You've heard from other pilots that the "coming back" from the hyperspace jump can he nauseating. You don't feel sick as you begin to come to your senses. But you do feel different...


I'm pleased with this story, mostly because it was created without effort. Last night, around 5:45am, I got an idea in bed. I turned on the light quickly and wrote this down:

"The asteroid is heading straight for you. Press hyperspace and jump to the world of Space Attack in time repeat loop. Each level starts over with you exiting from 'Asteroids' hyperspace... forever. Fuel limit is caused from hyperspace drive malfunction."

Using that crude handwritten paragraph, which was only a reminder of what I'd already imagine while lying awake in bed, I spent about an hour this morning and came up with this backstory for Space Attack. Add in some editing time and this "afterward" and I've invested about an hour and a half into this Space Attack story.

I tried to use the story to explain some of the mechanics of the game. For instance, the unusual slowdown bug that occurs when there is only one alien left is how I came up with the idea of a time warp sequence. If this story continued, our poor pilot ("you") would repeat the 47-second process over and over until, well, forever. Poor guy!

Since U.A. Limited couldn't come up with their own storyline for Space Attack, it's up to us to give this game some added depth. There are still about 4 1/2 days left in this round. I'd love to read some other backstories for this game. Write your hearts out Arcadia fans!


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I originally posted this to the arcadia2001consoles Yahoo group on October 18, 2017 as message #2597).

I was playing Space Attack today and noticed another bug. I also want to clarify one already-reported bug, plus confirm another one.

1) Stuck Enemy Shots - One of the enemy's shots got "stuck" on-screen right in the area where my ship moves around. I avoided it for about ten seconds. Then just as I was about to run into to see what would happen, "gravity" took over again and the shot made it's way to the bottom of the screen. I've played Space Attack about forty of fifty times (maybe more?) over the past week and this is the first and only time I've seen this happen.... so far.

2) Last Enemy Ship Slow-Down - I've mentioned that every time there is only one enemy left on-screen, that everything slows down to about, maybe, half speed, and the input from the controller get a bit unpredictable. Well, today I noticed that it only happens when the enemy ship is over the starfield. If the ship makes its way to the bottom, and then reappears at the top, then everything returns to normal speed-- until the enemy reaches the star field area again. What's the explanation for this?

3) Missed Enemy in Formation - Mark mentioned that sometimes hits to the enemy ships, while they're in formation, don't register. I hadn't seen this at first, but I have now. Since the enemies don't fire, I guess that this is a simple collision detection problem.

Has anyone else seen any other bugs in Space Attack? Is anyone else planning to play in this round?


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I originally posted this to the arcadia2001consoles Yahoo group on October 22, 2017 as message #2601).

I managed to create (and edit!) my video review for Space Attack before round 2 of the Arcadia HSC ends tonight. You can watch the 30-minute Space Attack review here:

Space Attack is a 4KB game released for the Emerson Arcadia 2001 in 1982. Space Attack is Emerson's cartridge #2, a "slide and shoot" game, similar to Galaxian. This game is by UA Limited. The Emerson label shows spacecraft similar to a few spaceships from Star Wars: a Snow Speeder, Millennium Falcon, Tie Fighter and a Star Destroyer.

Enjoy the review, and let me know what you think of it.


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Note that this thread only includes reposts of the the highlights of the posts that were made to the Yahoo group. I originally posted this to the arcadia2001consoles Yahoo group on October 24, 2017 as message #2618).

Season 1, Round 2 of the Arcadia 2001/MPT-03 High Score Club ended on Sunday, October 22, 2017 at 10pm MST. Five people played Space Attack in this round. Thanks to everyone who played. Hey, Skylar and Milo-- it's time to beat your dad. Don't you let him get away with a higher score than you in the next round. Let's see some competition going on in that house!

Space Attack Scores

1st James Jacobs 12,460 (PAL) 10 points
2nd Adam Trionfo 9,120 (NTSC) 9 points
3rd Mark Canon 8,960 (NTSC) 8 points
4th Skylar Canon 8,560 (NTSC) 7 points
5th Milo Canon 4,800 (NTSC) 6 points

Several people earned bonus points. These points made a significant impact this round. Here are this round's final standing:

Space Attack Scores (Final Table)

1st Adam Trionfo 9 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 12 points [email protected]#
2nd James Jacobs 10 + 0 + 1 + 0 = 11 points @
3rd Mark Canon 8 + 0 + 1 + 0 = 9 points @
4th Skylar Canon 7 + 0 + 0 + 0 = 7 points
5th Milo Canon 6 + 0 + 0 + 0 = 6 points

! - Space Attack - Video Review - (1 Point)
@ - Space Attack - Documenting Bugs - (1 Point)
# - Space Attack - Backstory - (1 Point)

I've enjoyed making the video reviews of both Cat Trax and Space Attack. I notice I pay much more attention to details when I'm reviewing the game, just like when I play it more often because of the HSC. Writing a backstory for Space Attack was also very fun.

This round's overall winner is Adam (uh, that's me). Special congratulations to James, who managed a Space Attack score that I couldn't even come close to matching. Way to go, "Mr. WinArcadia!"

Final Thoughts on Space Attack

Even though I don't think that Space Attack is that great of a game, the more I played it, the more I began to appreciate it. While I don't like the timer (fuel gauge) at all, in some ways it did make me come back for "just one more game."

I'm still getting used to the Arcadia's controller. Like the Intellivision controller, which the controller shares many of its traits with, the Arcadia controller can really cramp up a player's hand. It's for this very reason that Christopher, who participated in round 1, didn't play in round 2. I played quite a bit of Space Attack under the WinArcadia emulator using an arcade-like joystick. It was much more comfortable, but for some reason, I still scored my highest score on real hardware.

Next Round's Game: Escape

The main game for Round 3 of Arcadia 2001/MPT-03 High Score Club is Escape, a game similar to the arcade game Berzerk. I'd say that it was a clone of Berzerk, but it's actually a slightly-changed version of Robot Killer for the Arcadia family, which is a clone of Berzerk. Does that make sense to you? If so, then please explain it to me so that I know what the hell I'm talking about!

I provided more details about Escape when I posted the official start of round 3 yesterday, here:


It's time to start playing Escape, but remember... we are not using Escape's default settings. Make sure to play Game 2, with Option 2.

Thanks for playing in this second round of the ultra-obscure Arcadia/MPT-03 High Score Club. I hope to see you in the next round!


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