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Team Pixelboy News Bulletin - December 25th 2017

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Howdy, ColecoVision fanatics! :D


I'd like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas, and in what has become a Team Pixelboy tradition, allow me to spread some Holiday cheer on this special day!





Probably not, but I'll give you some gifts anyway. :P You'll find a bunch of ROMs to download at the bottom of this post, including several SGM games: Dragon's Lair, Zaxxon Super Game, King's Valley, Thexder, Buck Rogers Super Game, SubRoc Super Game and Mecha-8 (graciously released by nanochess)! You will also find the ROMs of all the Team Pixelboy budget games.





I don't recall if I ever disclosed these cheats before (I may have posted some of them at one point, I'm too lazy to check) but anyhow, I figure you guys might like to try these out, just for kicks:


Gulkave : Access a secret menu by pressing UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, UP, RIGHT, DOWN, LEFT, DOWN, DOWN at the title screen. This menu contains a sound test and also lets you set the difficulty level (normal or hard).


Pitfall II Arcade : To get infinite lives in this game, enter 54312 with the keypad at the title screen. Also, you can enable "ghost mode" (i.e. invincibility) by entering the code 89999 at the title screen, but keep in mind that it doesn't work with terrain hazards and mine carts.


Girl's Garden : Start playing the game, and at any point you can enter 8675309 (Jenny's phone number!) to unlock access to cheat features! Press the keypad keys to add lives, honey pots, flowers, etc. Take note that a dot appears next to your score to indicate that you are in "cheat mode"... cheater. ;)


Ninja Princess : To access a cheat menu, quickly enter UP, DOWN, UP, UP, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, UP, UP, DOWN, UP at the title screen. This cheat menu lets you select the starting stage number and also lets you set the number of lives.


Quest for the Golden Chalice : Enter 444555 with the keypad at the title screen to unlock Quests 4 and 5. You can also enter the code SQUARE (708273) to turn the Prince into a smiling square for the entire duration of the game. Also, after entering the code 865336 at the title screen, you will be able to teleport directly to any screen at any time during the main game by entering the code 00 to 53. If you're playing Quest 4 or Quest 5, you can also teleport directly to the wizard's current location by entering 99 on the keypad. Finally, you can perform a sound test by entering one of these codes at the title screen: 687421 (Silence), 687422 (Main music), 687423 (Victory music), 687424 (Easter Egg music), 687425 (Dungeon music).


King's Valley : While playing the game, you can make the hidden doors appear immediately by holding down both fire buttons, holding the joystick down, and pressing 0 on the keypad. Now just go trough the door to move on to the next (or previous) level!


Module Man : You can access the "deluxe" mode of the game (with more screens) by entering 777111 at the title screen. You can also enter 385 at the title screen to access the debug mode (experiment with the keypad keys while playing to see what you can do in debug mode). Finally, you can play a hidden mini-game by entering 222666 at the title screen.


Mecha-8 : Enter 421 at the title screen to activate the debug mode. You can press 3 on the keypad during the game to pass directly to the next level (or to the ending after the last level). You can also press 4 to fast-forward to the boss of the current level.


The Stone of Wisdom : During the "CASIO" logo sequence, hold down 1 on the keypad while holding down the right trigger button, and you will become totally immune to damage. Or, still during the "CASIO" logo sequence, hold down 2 on the keypad while holding down the right trigger button to gain the ability to continue after death.


Super Pac-Man : Enter 4567 at the title screen to access the secret Classic Pac-Man, which is the MSX port of Pac-Man. While playing Classic Pac-Man, enter 1809 with the keypad to make the 4 blinking power pellets reappear (after Pac-Man has eaten them) or enter 0712 to add one life to your reserves.


Mecha-9 : Enter 731 at the title screen to activate the debug mode. Try the keypad keys during the main game to see what they do. :)


Caverns of Titan : During the main game, you can add a life to your reserves at any time by pressing 1 on Player 1's controller and 2 on Player 2's controller simultaneously. You can also freeze all enemies on the screen by pressing 3 on Player 1's controller and 4 on Player 2's controller simultaneously. Finally, you can skip to the next level by pressing 5 on Player 1's controller and 6 on Player 2's controller simultaneously. IMPORTANT: For any of these cheats to work, you have to hold down the two keypad buttons until the screen briefly flashes, which takes roughly a second. Oh, and you can also continue after game over by pressing 5 on Player 1's controller, but I haven't tested this so I'm not sure exactly when you're supposed to press 5. Perhaps someone can check? :)


Cold Blood : Move the joystick RIGHT, UP, DOWN and RIGHT at the title screen to make the "EXTRA" option appear. Move the menu cursor next to "EXTRA", and press the trigger button to see some bloopers.


Deep Dungeon Adventure : Did you know there's a secret game hidden in your Deep Dungeon Adventure cartridge? To access it, hold down the (5) key on both controllers while turning on (or resetting) your console. Have fun!


J.E.T.P.A.C. : Hold the joystick up while turning on the console (or while pushing the reset button) to remove the gravity. Also, you can turn your astronaut into a one-hit-kill wonder (making the game incredibly difficult) by holding the joystick right while booting/rebooting the game.


Kaboom! : Get infinite lives by entering this code at the title screen: 84572093





This can't really be called a Team Pixelboy News Bulletin without some news to report, right? :) You may have noticed that I've kept mostly quiet about the new releases lately, and there are a few reasons for that. First of all, free time has been scarcer than expected these last couple of months, so gluing boxes and assembling carts has been a challenge. I've got most of the boxes glued for the "limited run" (which I mentioned in the previous news bulletin) but very few of the carts have been assembled. Some lucky folks did get their games shipped these past couple of weeks, but they are few.


I spent a lot of time gluing boxes and assembling carts of my older games for the AtariAge Store, but in the end it was all for nothing, since Albert was unable to find the time to add those games to his store. They'll probably show up eventually, but I have no idea when.


Also, there were some last-minute problems with Ghostbusters that needed to be ironed out: The final ROM worked on the AtariMax SD cart for beta-testing, but didn't work on real MegaCart PCBs. This issue was confirmed to be fixed last week, and a test PCB has been shipped to my beta-tester so that he can test it on his own ColecoVision and ADAM. If it works on his systems, then I will give the green light to have more PCBs of Ghostbusters produced.


Wizard of Wor also had some last-minute issues: The programmer found some bugs in his software while porting the game to the MSX, and he gave me the latest ROM with all the bug fixes very recently. This forced me to halt PCB production for that game until my beta-tester could give the game a final round of testing. Everything is okay now, and I received the PCBs a few days ago.


So where does that leave us? Well, aside from Ghostbusters being almost ready to ship, there's also the issue of the budget game boxes. I received the boxes of Kaboom! and Remember The Flag a few weeks ago, but I'm afraid the boxes of Pacar won't be delivered to me before the second half of January 2018. As you can imagine, I'm eager to receive that final lot of boxes because then I'll FINALLY be able to ship all the budget boxes to everyone. Those darn boxes are taking up a lot of space in my house!


It doesn't make much sense to me to ship boxes full of new games during the Christmas break, and then ship another large lot of empty budget boxes merely a month later. So I contacted all the people who were on the "short list", and they all agreed to wait an extra month so that all their new games and budget game boxes may be shipped together in one large shipping box. This will free up some time for me this week, which I will spend on beta-testing Space Shuttle and do a few other little things.


Speaking of little things, see below for a picture of the full stash of Pacar cartridges all assembled and ready. The manuals have also been printed, so I'm really just waiting for the boxes. :)



This concludes this Team Pixelboy News Bulletin. Tune in one week from now (on January 1st 2018) for another news bulletin! We now return you to your regular forum activities! :D


I cannot thank you enough for your generosity!!!! Happy New Year!!!

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I put these ROMs on my AtariMax SD cart & they all work fine except for King’s Valley which says “Super Game Module required...” yet I have a SGM plugged in. I have as well the King’s Valley physical cart which plays fine but the ROM won't. Can someone else verify that it works on their SD cart on the actual console?

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King Valley and the other SGM games boots up for me from SD cartridge.


Thank you for the reply. I was hoping the ROM itself might just be a bad dump and I could simply re-download rather than my SGM being faulty. It's weird though because all my other SGM physical cartridges work fine in addition to all the other Team Pixelboy Christmas 2017 ROMs.


Currently I'm using my "backup" console because my "primary" console's controller 1 chip went bad. I was able to get the SGM test mode to come up while booting up the King's Valley ROM as seen in picture; not sure what it actually means though.


I'll try the King's Valley ROM on my now working "primary" console which has since been repaired.


Additionally, my "primary" console had issue with Penguin Adventure always resetting after the title screen. Whereas my "backup" console plays Penguin Adventure just fine. I'm wondering if this relation has something to do with King's Valley ROM not working on my "backup" console and that it may work on my "primary" since Penguin Adventure also works or doesn't work depending on which console I use.



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check the atarimax settings to make sure you don't have autoskip bios setting. The error you are getting is saying the SGM can't detect the 8k of ram that replaces the bios area. This can happen when you enable the bios skip option on the atarimax cart.

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im a bit late to the christmas party, but thankyou pixel boy, now i can play mecha-8 on my atarimax cart and my raspi emulation station, instead of having to dig out the coleco flashback, i finally got retropie emulating coolcv using the colecoflashback controllers via visiondaptor, im keen to acquire a supergame module so i can play zaxxon supergame and the donkey kong arcade coming out, imagine that, colecovision having a donkeykong thats better than the nes version, anyways will opcode games be doing a 2018 sgm run?

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Opcode has said there will be SGMs available right here at the AtariAge store soon.




Yes, we will have a 5th run later this year, with new games. And also about 50 modules available from AA Store in about a couple of weeks.

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Team Pixelboy converted and released a lot of original Coleco ADAM Supergames that use to only be available on Disk or Digital Data Pack onto a special new ColecoVison/ADAM cartridge rom images (For the very first time this allowed ColecoVision owners the ability to play exclusive Coleco ADAM Supergames). Now I see those cartridge rom images have been released into public domain with some games like Dragon’s Lair seeing over 1500 downloads.


There was also Donkey Kong the Supergame 4 screen version and the unreleased Donkey Kong Junior Supergame 5 screen version for the Coleco ADAM computer. However on the official Team Pixelboy website it never mentions those two Supergames being converted to a cartridge rom image and being released on a real game cartridge. To my shock and surprise I discovered in 2018 for the first time that Team Pixelboy did release Donkey Kong the Supergame and Donkey Kong Junior the Supergame onto a real ColoecoVision/ADAM game cartridge back in 2014. Like all original Coleco ADAM ports the SGM is not required when the cartridge is played on a ADAM computer system (Only ColecoVision owners need the OPCODE SGM to play all the original Coleco ADAM Supergames).


Look at the cartridge box art for Pixelboy’s Donkey Kong the Supergame and Donkey Kong Junior the Supergame. I am guessing this was a limited run and no more were made available. Has the cartridge rom images for Pixelboy’s Donkey Kong the Supergame and Donkey Kong Junior the Supergame been released into public domain (I do not see the rom image available for download)?


This person on EBAY wants $549 each for the original cartridge versions that were released by Team Pixelboy.


New Donkey Kong Super Game ~ SGM Homebrew for ColecoVision & Adam by Pixelboy


New Donkey Kong Junior Super Game ~ Homebrew for ColecoVision & Adam by Pixelboy


I also was not aware that CBS Electronics released a 512K cartridge rom image back in October of 2011 for the ColecoVision/ADAM. It contains several different ColecoVision/ADAM cartridges. Someone on EBAY wants $699.99 for this rare Cocoleco 512K multi-cart.

Edited by HDTV1080P

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I also was not aware that CBS Electronics released a 512K cartridge rom image back in October of 2011 for the ColecoVision/ADAM. It contains several different ColecoVision/ADAM cartridges. Someone on EBAY wants $699.99 for this rare Cocoleco 512K multi-cart.

CBS Electronics had absolutely nothing to do with this Multi-Cart release by Cocoleco. They just used similar boxart as releases by CBS back in the 80s like other Homebrewers have done over the years.

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