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StudioVision Manuals & Artwork

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I decided to open a own thread for the "StudioVision" artworks, might it will gain a little more attention in this way as when i post the stuff in decle's "StudioVision" thread



It has grown a lot because i wasn't satisfied with my first versions which was based on the original box art of the "RCA Studio II" cartridges.


When i started to write the manual and quiz booklets for "TV Schoolhouse I" i used first downloaded cliparts, but i felt it won't be good and started to create own cliparts for this manual. Cause the result was pleasing me i started to create alternative series of "Box Front Images" for "StudioVision".


A lot of work for this tard you might think, but i like the "Studio II" games, i'm aware i can play them as well emulated using i.e. "Emma O2". But i have to state and it's no joke they are better to play "emulated - emulated" as with "Emma O2".


However, the manuals are especially created for "decle presents StudioVision" and reflect the controls as if you would use a Intellivision, but they can also be used for

the original games, since they are quite lightweighted and especially the "TV Schoolhouse I - Quiz Booklets" are designed to print them out.


For the recent release of manuals and box fronts i used only "RCA Studio II", "Intellivision" and own artwork, the few screenshots from "Pioneer Space Sim" and "NFS4" are based on own models which i either converted (Corvette '67 - custom SportsCarGT, Tie-Fighter - SW-XWA), build from scratch (X-Wing, scripted geometry) or are 100% my own creations ("Hullcutter" on "SpaceWar C" and the Pilot on the "Space Pilots Guild" label. For "SV600B - Blackjack" obviousely i used the "Visicom - Blackjack" box art.


You might feel it's funny to have a manual for a virtual demo cartridge, it's just for completeness, there isn't much to explain. Also i've OCR'ed and edited the full description for the "programmable cartridge", there won't be much use for it i guess, also for completeness and to have as a clean publishing.


let's have a look at the complete 39 box fronts, which also reflect the artwork for the icons and the title page for the manuals.



The icons are ment if you like to run JZIntv using batch files, there is also i icon for each manual

(i'm slowly adding these manual icons also to the rest of Intellivision games).




Click on the program icon to view the "Box Front Image".



That's quite a cool image for this game:



You can use either the quite large box fronts or the icons to assign them to your batch files, if you don't use large icons and a very high screen resolution i recommend to use the icons.


Click on the icon for the manual to open the manual.



If you're interested you can download the zipped folders or browse the repo and download only what you like.


Browse (read or download) Manuals

Download all Manuals


Browse Box Front Images

Download all Box Front Images


Browse Icons (GIF)

Download all Icons (GIF)

Download all Icons (ICO)

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Great job. Thank you! It would be great to have video snaps of the games. And I wonder why the RCA Studio II system is not included in Screen Scraper.

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On 12/16/2020 at 1:45 PM, Mr. Undo said:

Great job. Thank you! It would be great to have video snaps of the games. And I wonder why the RCA Studio II system is not included in Screen Scraper.


"Screen Scraper"??? - i need input!

(OK i have an idea now)


Clips? can be made a few exist, or at least one "Star Wars" i guess.

Some games are difficult to play because i don't know exactly how to, mostly Bingo i have no idea of neither that the idea of Bingo attracts me especially not as a computer game, in general such chance games without money to bet make no sense to me.

Card playing neither i have much interest in, never had though.

What is sometimes a little fun to play is "Math Fun" and "Fun with Numbers".

Flipper is a treat, this is like rolling a dice you never know what the ball will perform and the flipper reacts so slow that you have to press in advance and still miss often or you pressed to early and even miss. Strange is that if i play it in MAME it is different as to "Emma 02" or to decles conversions for the Inty (which is closer to the result of "Emma 02").


Erm yes of Doodle and Patterns i made a clip this is a funny toy to experiment with.


Many are unfortunately two player games and i haven't yet found one who likes to compete on the Inty with me and for sure not on an emulated Studio II.

Of them i can't make a proper clip. Further things like Baseball give me a headache i never played any Baseball game i'm a rotten European we play Soccer...


...and erm Soccer ("Brennball" or wait even better "Hornussen")


The Biorhythm program runs from time to time just because i'm a curious guy, i don't give much on it especially based on an algorithm, proper you would have first to watch yourself and note your personal ups and downs. However nonetheless i feel it matches - i feel.


The most interesting to play was the "TV Schoolhouse Quiz" it's first a rather simple quiz game and second it is exactly one time fun to play, the Studio II has no random function (built in, later homebrews implemented a simple random number generator), what they used back then is a simple procedural generation, a given row of number on which you add the value for the topic of the quiz you have to solve, in my second play i noticed the row and wrote then an additional quiz to it.

What attracted me is the topic "world consciousness" today everybody is only caring for "self consciousness" and it won't make a better man of you no it won't turn a wolf to a sheep it only serves the wolf with sharper claws and powders his paws white and makes his voice smooth.


You like to have clips of the StudioVision? (decles project)

Because i noticed that i have a set of clips made from "RCA Studio II" games played in MAME or "Emma 02" depending on which offers the better result.


This is what i have in petto (played on the Intellivision via LTO Flash! the games will be only 83% of speed on my PAL Inty):


An overwiew of the StudioVision games

Rather a test as an overview as i see right now, i guess i made it for decle to show hat the games run well on my PAL Intellivision.


Doodle & Patterns


Space War

Of this cartridge i can only play the "vertical interception", "horizontal interception is a two player only game.


Star Wars

Still in my opinion the best for the system, it's an addictive game even with its simple graphics, in the fastest plus full hardness (means if the pursued fighter lives the screen you lose a life) it is quite difficult to play, you can choose for a single player game between Tie Fighter and X-Wing and have the option for a two player dogfight.

Last week i really wished such would exist a little mocked up for the Intellivision it's a good concept, simple but challenging. It isn't easy to lock the opponent in your cross-hair (shoot you don't need to as soon as it is locked it's hit, even this is a good adaption of the SW idea).

The Studio II release is lame but imagine how this would work on the Inty and it's a quite simple game in the end, not far from a demo how to evade (instead to catch), similar to "Crazy Clones" or the opposite to "Tag-Along Todd".


Star Wars isn't exactly a Studio II game, it was released for the "MPT-02" or however this spin off was named (depending on the region it was sold) and offered "colors" (caugh).

But since the machine is else identical the MPT-02 games can be played on a Studio II just without the "fancy colors" (which is simply a region of the screen in a certain color and a hardware solution or rather a hack). The resolution of the MPT-02 is even a bit higher and fits better to a PAL screen.


Recently this is all i have of StudiVision, Studio II i documented a little better.

Clips from a play on my Intellivision i can't make such good ones at the time, i made them with my old machine which finally broke after so many years for it i had a TV capture card and with it i made back the the captures from my play on the Intellivison.

Or i have to see, sure i can revive this old faithful tower, it's just a lot of work.

I have getting old it was a sport to maintain that old crap now i'm simply to lazy for it and my eyesight isn't the best anymore it fucks me.

Each time i look at a pcb i get disappointed because i can't see the parts anymore proper.

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If you download "Emma 02" you will receive with it (as far as i remember) all RCA Studio II plus a couple of homebrews.

Which are: Scramble, Pac-Man, Invaders, Breakout, Berzerk, Combat (similar to the Atari combat), Hockey (Pong), Kaboom and Asteroids.

Beeing written for the RCA Studio II they refuse to run proper in MAME, overall Emma 02 is the better solution as to use MAME.

MAME shows also all RCA II games when played on the MPT-02 in wrong colors, which isn't the case if you use "Emma 02" (you can select which system ROM to use also a simple home computer) and for sure wasn't the case on the hardware.

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