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Sydney Hunter & The Sacred Tribe for C64

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We're proud to announce the C64 port of Sydney Hunter & The Sacred Tribe!
Ported to the C64 by Andrea Schincaglia (Wanax), Music by Saul Cross and project leaded by Jérémie Marsin
The game is available in both Cartridge and 5'' 1/4 Floppy format

Pre-order now!







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I bought mine as a download. Originally the order showed as "cancelled" in my order history but they took care of it post-haste.

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Wow! Very cool. Is this still for sale for C64?


I see it says "Out of Stock" on your website, but are the physical copies discontinued? Thanks.

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Having a bit of an issue with the ROM version I downloaded today. I am trying to play it in WinVICE 3.1 x64 and hox64 1.0.5. It keeps skipping directly from the end of the opening sequence texts to the "you failed" texts at the end of the game. I have no way to play it on an actual c64/128 machine. It says on the website it works with emulators.


Edit: Bah! I had joy2key on from earlier, with Ctrl as button 0. Didn't realize LCtrl was autokill. Now everything works.

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