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Stardust (new homebrew)

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Hey, just wanted to share a little project I've been working on. It's not as big or complex as my other games - but I thought it'd be cool to share anyways. The game is called "Stardust".


The TLDR of how to play:

* Explore space, use the navigation map on the bottom of the screen for guidance

* Shoot asteroids, aliens - don't get hit

* Find all 4 planets

* Land on the planet, defeat the boss, get a power up (multi-ships, etc).

* Return to the starting base


I actually used some code from an earlier game I did (Bit Quest) so there are some similarities - the way the 12x12 map works, etc


Anyhow, check it out. I've also got a manual and label art for authenticity.




EDIT: added updated version with diagonal-shooting

EDIT #2: fixed multi-ship gfx bug

EDIT #3: made a few more tweaks. Since I keep resetting the download, I just figured I'd link to my website :)



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Not bad. It feels kind of like a mashup of Asteroids, Combat, and Space Invaders.


It's a little bit strange to be able to fly diagonally, but only shoot up/down/left/right. That's the only thing about this game that makes me wish for 'Asteroids' type controls over what is provided.

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Ok, hot of the press - I just uploaded a new version that has the diagonal shooting. I agree that was totally missing! I also moved the navigation map down a little into a colored block... it flickers a little more but I sort of like it positioned that way.... let me know what you think.

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The control definitely feels a lot better with this version.


The changes seem to have introduced a bug that is evident when the dual/three ship is activated. The map disappears and becomes 'a part' of the ship.


In addition, and probably related- unless there is an invisible planet boss(no big deal if true, but I suck at hitting it :D,) the dual ship made at least one of the bosses invisible, while incorporating the boss energy indicator into the player ship in the same way that the map is made unreadable.




-edit- To be clear, I don't currently have a flash cart, but the issue that I'm seeing is evident in both MAME and Stella.

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OK! I think I got it (attached above). It seems like it was a stack overflow type of issue. I've found sometimes weird stuff like that happens when you perform too many gosubs. Almost like the call stack bleeds into graphics memory, or something along those lines.


In any case, hopefully this tightens things up a bit. Enjoy, and thanks for the feedback and help beta testing :)

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