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1 Atari 800 OS B NTSC for sale.

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One Atari 800 from storage from the BBS operator of the Action Annex BBS. I have been an electronics technician for 25 years and serviced equipment up to server level contracts. The 800 has 48KB and monitor cable and power supply. Repaired the integrated power supply caps and regulators. One has the transformer built into the chassis with a fan added with vent holes in the RF shield and plastic ram card holder. The vented Atari had the pokey chip replaced with a known good working spare.
I cleaned the case, completely disassembled and visually inspected. They were in a storage unit in a box for more than 10 years.
This 800 have been used for a month since coming out of storage from a friend who had to hastily move in with relatives across the US. It is a NTSC OS B model.

I was already stood up on Ebay for international buyers. So, no. If you want it, get a friend in the US to buy it for you and ship it to you. Ships from zip code 98686 at 15 lbs.
This one does not have a cartridge door. It has the chassis switch bypassed to the closed position. So you use the power switch to cycle the machine and switch cartridges.
The vented "Venti" 800 still has the 800 power socket if you want to use an external power supply instead of the internal transformer later. You will have to remove the internal transformer if you want to go external.
The internal transformer is also fuse protected and chassis grounded to the board for safety. I am anal about that. It is rated from 115VAC 60 hz use only. The fan is powered by a small 12VDC wall wart on it's own AC cord.
It has been running for two months solid with no hangs, lockups, since the power supplies were rebuilt. Ran through many .ATR images, created and archived 400 floppy images for archiving of the BBS disks.

If you want the set of ram cartridge cases for the Venti Atari, I can throw them in.
Includes a 5 pin din to luma/chroma or composite video cable, and mono audio of course.
75 + shipping

I have another Atari 800 for parts going up for sale soon.








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More pictures tomorrow.

Twist my arm and I might sell the 130XE with an Omnimon mod and Commodore 1702 monitor also.
That's the next one up for grabs once I retro bright the case.

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Where are you located?

Vancouver, WA near Portland, OR. Local pickup available. I came across a 15" Samsung LCD television that needs a 12v 3A power supply also. I got the flu from my girlfriend/ Pretty darn sick after a few days of fighting o it off. Damn that H3N2. I will hose the thing off with lysol before shipping..

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The 800s are about 15 lbs and the TV about 5 lbs. Sorry not together today.

The TV turned out to be a loss, it has a scratch on the screen that I didn't notice at first. It stays here as a spare.

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